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Tattoo Kit 3 Machine Guns LCD POWER/NEEDLES/INKS DH-25

Model: DIY-406(afa-3.5)
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3 x Professional Relief Tattoo Machine Equipment
6 x USA Original Immortal tattoo inks great quality 
1 x Carrying case Great quality silver colored  with lock & keys
1 x Dragonhawk Digital LCD displayed power supply system with FCC, CE certification(plug fitted your country)
1 x High-quality tattoo power supply clip cord
1 x 360 degree Foot switch
50 x pre steriled tattoo needles (sizes for liner and shader)
20 x Dragonahwk Disposable tips New Design,matched with needles;
50 x Tattoo Supplies Plastic Ink Cups no need ink caps holder(flat base)
1 x Set of adjust tools and other attachments
50 x Grommets,50 xRubber bands,50 x Rubberrings
1 x Practice skin and 1 transfer paper
10x Dragonhawk Stainless steel tips in different sizes
3 x new design dragonhawk grips with tubes,,correction posture,comfortable and durable
1 x tattoo vedio to show how to tattoo
1 x Pair powder-free black  tattoo gloves
1 x Pro stencils transfer application solution gel stuff  20g
1 x Blue soap cleansing & soothing 1oz
1 x tattoo recovery cream A&D
1 x Tattoo Instruction Covers all FAQS from machines to inks. 
1 x Tattoo guide to how to contact your tattoo kit


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Tattoo Kit 3 Machine Guns LCD POWER/NEEDLES/INKS DH-25
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