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Professional Tattoo Kit 3 Top Machines 40 Color Inks Power

Model: DIY-410(bha-4.0-MGT-11-Q-us)
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1/ A set of 40 color inks
2/ A set of Top power supply :VOLTS,CPS and DUTY show The power switch and controller are in the serface of machine,easy to operated Multiple button fast to adjust voltage Power suppply can be adjusted between 220V and 110V Output: 1.5V - 18V, 2 AMP Operating instructions 1. Turn on the power switch, click MENU "MENU", keyboard, will appear 1}Normal 2}Maintained 1) Normal stands for feet can control the tattoo machine 2) Maintained stands for keeping foot automatic control tattoo machine {no trample feet machine will be running as also} DISPLAY + / - - showed up CONTROL -- FOOTSWITCH pedal CONTROL Click "MENU" button to exit the MENU "+" and "-" button is used to regulate voltage Volts 1-2-3-4 four buttons 1=2V 2=4V 3=6V 4=8V EASY CONTROLLING This tattoo power supply including: 1 superior high quality power supply(fit your country voltage) 1 Power supply plug (fit your country cord plug) 1 free footswitch 1 free clip cord
3/ 3 pcs new Design professional tattoo machines Shader and Liner.
4/ 50 pre made sterile tattoo needles.(3,5,7,9RL)x5,(5,7,9RS)x5,(5,7,9Magnums)x5.
5/ 3 pc High quality alloy Tattoo Machine Grips with 1 stainless-steel back-stems.
6/ 2 pc High quality disaposible grips(25mm).
7/ A pairs of disposable gloves.
8/ 1 sheets practice skin. 1 sheet of transfer paper.
9/ 50 tattoo-machine rubber bands 50 mixed-color grommets 50 rubber o-rings 1 Set of adjust tools and other attachments.
10/1 Pack of A & D Ointment. Each pack is a 5 gram foil pack.
11/ 20 disposable tips.
12/ CD: One CD These will help you be able to offer the perfect designs to your customers. Comes in a data DVD format.



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Professional Tattoo Kit 3 Top Machines 40 Color Inks Power
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