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Professional Foot Pedal GP C4 Foot pedal Green Color

Model: we032-3(de-256)
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Product Name:  GP C4 foot pedal, also known as “Never Broken“ foot pedal
Material : alloy steel
color:  retro red, retro gray , retro copper, retro green
Product size: 11.8*21cm  Net weight: 215g
Package size: 15.1*11.1*2.1cm Gross weight: 256g
Product description:
GP C4 is named because of the landmine shape, also known as “Never Broken “ foot pedal, which is touch-and-go, indestructible like a landmine!
1 Alloy steel shell , durable, resistance to pedal, wear and fall off
2 Truly 360° flawless foot pedal,  which can make 360 Full range rapid conduction no matter it is pedaled from which angle
3. Most humanization and comfortable pedaling height --20mm. The optimal pedaling height calculated from repeated precise practice of the tattoo artist working routine . At This height, just a light pedaling, the foot pedal is in the optimal stress state. You will not get tired even if stepping on the foot pedal for a long time  .
4. Not using an electronic element as the conductive body, which is not easily damaged within the scope of conventional operation , avoid troubles to replace parts after the damage of the electronic components, dropped the repair and return rate to the lowest point.
5. The line of the foot pedal is 1.8 meters advanced soft silicone gel material, 65 thick copper wire, small impedance to ensure the conductive stability and output current is at a zero loss rate, silicone wire material is soft, convenient, flexible and not easy to be broken;
6 2mm advanced foam mat, strong adsorption force, you do not have to worry about slipping from the foot pedal.
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Professional Foot Pedal GP C4 Foot pedal Green Color
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