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Tattoo ink

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  • Tattoo process and nursing methods

    Tattoos are go line and color again. Also called secant go line, with tattoos single needle, high frequency very quick succession to Pierce the skin epidermis layer, the tattoo ink into the skin at the same time. As for the tattoo painful not painful, depends on the depth of the needle under the tattoo artist and the part of the figure you do (pain arranged roughly: abdominal>neck>chest big arm medial>thigh root>big forearm lateral>crus). 

    Friday 07 August, 2015

  • Petroleum jelly for tattoo ink color toner

    Vaseline main purpose is in the process of profile thorn can make tattoo ink, the color will be sufficient, and reduce the destructive helps to reduce skin friction force, is not mixed with tattoo ink used! 

    Saturday 25 July, 2015

  • After the tattoo need complementary color?

    Tattoo when it has just been tattoo artist, because some tattoo ink floating on the skin surface, plus the tattoo work make the skin redness, so it looks dark. 

    Saturday 18 July, 2015

  • How to make tattoo ink color bright

    With two different texture of the tattoo ink superimposed on the color will be very bright, such as the first fine particles of ink to do the bottom, and then coarse particles will be excellent tattoo ink superimposed.

    Sunday 28 June, 2015

  • How to avoid tattoos fade

    First of all, to choose a professional tattoo shop to tattoo, why? If the tattoo is not handled properly, there will be a phenomenon of color. For example

    Friday 26 June, 2015

  • What is the tattoo ink

    The role of tattoo ink is in the tattoo art, through the needle into certain depth within the human body skin, and can be relatively independent retained in the skin, in the last a period of time, through its own color display tattoo art design. 

    Tuesday 23 June, 2015

  • The correct order of tattoo ink and cover the old tattoo

    When injection tattoo ink, must follow a certain order to achieve the best effect. If not, can appear cloudy effect, make the tattoo hair dirty, will destroy the tattoo designs the overall harmony. 

    Wednesday 10 June, 2015

  • The stand or fall of tattoo effect associated with tattoo ink

    Tattoo ink pigments from the technology is suspended in a mixture of activity in the solution. Today's pigment is fundamentally a metal salt. However, there are some pigment is made from plastic or plant dyestuff. Pigment can provide tattoo with all sorts of design and color. And activity of the solution is to eliminate the purpose of the suspension, the side effects of pigment and ensure that can be mixed evenly, and make the pigment used more convenient. 

    Wednesday 03 June, 2015

  • Tattoo thorn method: how to make a tattoo of complementary color

    Recently found that a lot of tattoo customer consulting all the same question, is the color of the tattoo after tattoo can fall? Will exist over time will be complementary color? Complementary color of what will happen? 

    Sunday 17 May, 2015

  • Cover the old tattoo process should pay attention to details

    Shield method in the process of actual operation, pay attention to some things. Old tattoo the skin has a lot of tattoo ink, so directly on the patterns of the old tattoo, don't use too much black (because the already very saturated color, color in this place, you must maintain a minimum limit), cover below with just the old pattern of the tattoo ink, then stop. 

    Friday 15 May, 2015

  • Tattoo ink color techniques

    Basic order is very simple, the color must be from deep to shallow. And this is why shadows to draw the outline After do thecause of the first. All of the black line and shadow is the deepest color, should be the first to use. finish After black color sequence is as follows: (1) dark purple; (2) blue; (3)green; (4) light Purple; (5) brown; (6) red, (7) orange; (8) yellow; (9) white. 

    Friday 10 April, 2015

  • The deployment of tattoo ink color sequence and color

    In the process of the operation of the tattoo, we all want as long as there is a variety of colors and, so how to grasp the tattoo ink color sequence is the crucial link. 

    Saturday 21 March, 2015

  • The principle of tattoos, and into the depth of the tattoo ink

    The principle of tattoos: 
    In simple terms, is not easy to dissolve the tattoo ink into the skin, form a permanent or long-lasting color. This is also the purpose of the tattoo. It is related to two issues: both tattoo ink and two different effect. 

    Friday 20 March, 2015

  • The use of tattoo ink and tattoo recovery of rub off

    Tattoo ink is placed in a transparent layer, but the tattoo ink is opaque, in theory, any ink, including white, however, the skin is translucent, not clear, so there will be some ink shows a color. This part of the ink without any treatment can produce a slight yellow reaction, the effect of the color of skin slants dark people will be more vivid. 

    Tuesday 10 February, 2015

  • Tattoo ink and after tattoo maintenance problems

    Many tattoo artist said his tattoo ink is very good, there won't be allergic or rejection phenomenon, is pure natural ink ink is no rejection allergies, metal and chemical synthesis of ink only bad ink is that this is not the result of the phenomenon, it should be said that knowledge of the tattoo artist of ink is not enough and irresponsible. 

    Thursday 05 February, 2015

  • How to make black tattoo ink more black

    Black tattoo pigment is made up of many kinds of compounds, in general, the synthesis of black ink is composed of ferric oxide and carbon rod, and pure black ink is made up of magnetite crystals, the iron ore and logwood. Based on accurate and strict controls the black tattoo ink and a trained artist can make it more black. 

    Tuesday 03 February, 2015

  • Change the tattoo ink particle density in the skin

    Methods: black ash change tattoo ink dilution, hand moving speed, the depth of the Pierce. (these three methods can change the tattoo ink density of particles in the skin) specific operation, the three methods together, can stab uniform mist. Don't be lazy, first tattoo ink five cups of water will be diluted, no. 1 all black ink, 50% black ink, 2 no. 3, 25% black ink, black 10%. 4, 5, 2% black ink, add a cup of distilled water, 2, 3, 4, 5 cups are filled with distilled water or diluent. 

    Saturday 31 January, 2015

  • Stab the color sequence and the deployment of tattoo ink

    In the process of the operation of the tattoo, we will use a variety of colors and use, so how to grasp the good color sequence is the crucial link. 

    Friday 30 January, 2015

  • The four points for attention of tattoo ink

    Need the black colour and lustre, method is covered in a thorn tattoo ink into the deepest (repeat), not on the skin has been ground to the skin damage is too severe to ashes of. After know this basic principle, oneself can the principle of balance depth experience, use the colour and lustre of the you want to express. 

    Wednesday 21 January, 2015

  • Use the tutorial tattoo ink

    Colour and lustre is deep know-how. Every time before the needle with the most tattoo ink, the speed is moderate, once in place, small mobile spacing. Repeat this action, also pay attention to avoid no tattoo ink in grinding thorn skin. 

    Sunday 18 January, 2015

  • The importance of tattoo ink

    There are often guests ask tattoo ink, and showed a lot of curiosity. of course, everyone is more focus on the general composition of the tattoo ink and tattoo ink have side effect to the skin, have the series of problems such as damage to the human body.

    Wednesday 24 December, 2014

  • Tattoo ink is the main component of pigment

    Most tattoo inks technically not ink. They are suspended by mixing in a reactive dye solution formed. In contrast with ordinary knowledge, these pigments are not vegetable dyes. Below I've listed several major tattoo ink color and the formation of chemical elements required for this color.

    Sunday 07 December, 2014

  • Knowledge, allergic reactions, and the difference between tattoo

    Tattoo ink is used to make the tattoo means a variety of colors. Strictly speaking, the tattoo ink is not only used by the tattoo pigment. Its tone and color pigment and reactive solution by some blend. Tattoo ink is generally considered to be dyed with plant-based, but in reality is not.

    Friday 05 December, 2014

  • Ingredients tattoo ink

    Many well-known tattoo ink are advertised himself uses a natural plant pigment / dye, but now the economy and society, has made chemical pigment / dye is very easy and inexpensive to obtain a full set of natural plant tattoo ink is very difficult and costly . 

    Tuesday 02 December, 2014

  • Tips black tattoo ink

    Black tattoo ink is composed of many kinds of compounds consisting of, in general, synthetic black iron oxide and carbon rod ink is constituted by, and is a natural black ink by magnetite crystals, wustite and logwood constituted. Through the black tattoo ink precise and strict to control, a trained tattoo artist can make it darker.

    Sunday 30 November, 2014

  • Knowledge and use of tattoo ink

    Tattoo supplies including pigments, alcohol, lot, disinfection, soap, etc.Is the main material of tattoo ink, fuel for the import of pure plant do not contain fluorescent agent tattoo special paint

    Saturday 22 November, 2014

  • Tattoo Ink Storage Recommendations

    As a tattoo artist, you need to make investments in your tattoo supplies like tattoo ink to make sure you are prepared to accomplish any tattoo piece. These supplies are an investment that will pay a return as you use them on your clients to provide your tattoo artwork with tattoo ink. This valuable service allows clients to express themselves, mark milestones in their lives, show their passion for life, and show their pride of who they are and where they come from: all through the medium of tattoo ink decorated on their skin. 

    Friday 21 November, 2014

  • Security analysis of tattoo ink

    Tattoo ink is the use of tattoo machine, tattoo when implanted under the skin of a paint material, the purpose is to show the effect of the design.In theory, it is not true - it is actually a kind of pigment ink (generally is metal salt or plastic) the same to keep it clean and active solution mixing and become available. 

    Sunday 02 November, 2014

  • The use of tattoo ink

    Tattoo ink is placed in a transparent layer, but the tattoo pigment is opaque, in theory, any ink, including white, however, the skin is translucent, not clear, so there will be a part of the color is expected to show a color.This part of the tattoo ink without any treatment can produce a slight yellow reaction.

    Saturday 01 November, 2014

  • Tattoo ink is permanent

    According to understand, a lot of people to tattoo principle is not clear, also are very concerned about the tattoo after color won't rub off.

    Friday 31 October, 2014

  • The basic knowledge of tattoo inks

    A. the role of tattoo inks   
    The role of tattoo inks is in the art of tattooing, by acupuncture in certain depth within the human body skin, and can be relatively independent retained in the skin, in the last a period of time,through its own yan Color display tattoo art design.

    Thursday 30 October, 2014

  • Intenze tattoo ink

    As we all know that Intenze tattoo ink is famous in tattoo industry, it is the distillation of generations of tattoo artist's experiences, preferences, and techniques into high performing tattoo ink for any style, image, or client. Many people want to have a good tattoo by using the superior tattoo ink . 

    Tuesday 22 July, 2014

  • The tattoo ink color could stay longer

    Every one who want to have a tattoo do not hope the tattoo ink shading,even though the tattoo is a whole life art. Many tattooist suggest that right tattoo ink could avoid this kind of circumstance happening. So if you trying to ensure that your tattoo will remain, it is important to consider tattoo ink colors last the longest.

    Tuesday 17 June, 2014

  • Tattoo ink allergy and how to treat?

    Tattoo ink allergies can be eliminated by laser or surgical resection, but most people would take the way of "let it be", or apply some ointment.

    Thursday 08 May, 2014

  • What Factors determine how cheap tattoo ink fade?

    As we all know that some tattoo ink are easier to fade from the human’s skin. Many people think the main reason due to the cheap tattoo ink. Most people who are

    Thursday 02 January, 2014

  • What you should know before buying cheap tattoo ink

    For most people the reason they start to tattoo is to be unique comparing with others. But if you choose a ordinary tattoo, i think you purpose also is not achieved. so many people want to have a creative tattoo image for themself. And before you tattoo you also should know something about tattoo ink. Especially those want to buy the cheap tattoo ink.

    Thursday 02 January, 2014

  • What kind of cheap tattoo ink fade the most ?

    In my opinion, the tattoo is the same with painting in many aspects. The only difference is that the painting is done on the paper, while the tattoo is conducted on the human’s skin. So for the painters and tattoo artist they have a high standard and requirement for the tattoo ink.

    Thursday 02 January, 2014

  • Safety common sense of the tattoo Inks

    It is generally believed that the tattoo ink is the substance use to color the skin when tattooing. But with time goes by, the color is gradually shading since the immune system try to break down the foreign substance and wipe up it. Actually there is lots of information that you do not know about the tattoo ink. I think i could give you some for you reference.

    Tuesday 17 December, 2013

  • What kind of tattoo ink easy to fade?

    Before i had told you some tattoo ink that could stay longer on the skin. I think you must pay attention to those color when you have a tattoo. However you also should know what kind of tattoo ink easy to fade.

    Tuesday 17 December, 2013

  • The tattoo ink color could stay longer ?

    Every one who want to have a tattoo do not hope the tattoo ink shading,even though the tattoo is a whole life art. Many tattooist suggest that right tattoo ink could avoid this kind of circumstance happening. So if you trying to ensure that your tattoo will remain, it is important to consider tattoo ink colors last the longest.

    Sunday 15 December, 2013

  • Precautions on using the tattoo ink

    For the today’s young people , there is no right of wrong for them to tattoo on the skin. Because nowadays the tattoo has becoming a trend,which could display personality and persue fashion for them. But i have to remind every young friend of the safety of the tattoo. We all know that the tattoo apply the needle with tattoo ink piercing into the skin.

    Saturday 14 December, 2013

  • How to choose tattoo ink

    Here we discuss the differences in tattoo ink to help give you a better idea about it. Before you sign up for a tattoo, make sure you had learned about the different kinds of ink to help you get the desired tattoo effects.  

    Tuesday 12 November, 2013

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