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  • Tattoo Temple

    Tattoo Temple is a professional and hygenic tattoo parlor offering customers a wide variety of designs as well as the option of creating a custom design made. All the tattoo artists are masters of their craft as the place is home to the International Tattoo Academy.
    All of us want to have tattoo in the good tattoo studio in order to protect ourselves safety and beauty. Tattoo temple is famous for its design and the exquisite technology.

    Tuesday 27 May, 2014

  • Answer the question, win $50 coupon

    Answer the question, win $50 coupon

    Thursday 24 April, 2014

  • Exclusive Variety of Tattoo Supplies for Beginners and Artist

    Exclusive Variety of Tattoo Supplies for Beginners and Professional Tattoo Artists
    Beginner Tattoo Kits, Machines, Needles and Many More at Affordable Prices.

    Friday 07 March, 2014

  • My first shopping experience in cheap tattoo kit

    There are lots of tattoo shop online and reality shop that sell the cheap tattoo kits . I have been willing to buy a set of cheap tattoo kit and then start my tattoo career. Honestly speaking, since i got a tattoo from my friends,and then i really fall in love with it. And my friends tell me that if i have passion in it and willing to spend time on it to improve the skills, one day i could be the leader in this industry.

    Monday 27 January, 2014

  • Tattoo machine will start the promotion at the end of Chinese ne

    Saturday 18 January, 2014

  • Ainslie Heilich says body is her job

     Tattoo art has been accepted by more and more people owing to its stability and unique, especially for the young people. We can see lots of young people start to choose tattoo as the way to show their difference. But you do not know there are also some people would like to be a tattoo artist. Just like the heroine of this article.

    Friday 17 January, 2014

  • tattoo museum to record the development of the tattoo

    We all know that tattoo art has developed a long time from the ancient times, however the tattoo equipment also made great progress. Maybe you know people use the stone or stick to make the tattoo on human’s body. After all the science and technology push and promote the tattoo machine more and more advanced owing to human’s passion to the tattoo. So people decide to open a museum to show the tattoo machine.

    Thursday 16 January, 2014

  • My first tattoo gift at the age of 68

    Nowadays,more and more old people start to pay attention to tattoo arts. They become fashionable just like young people pursuing the new things. There are many examples i can recommend to you. For instance, David Dimbleby has got his first tattoo at the age of 75 - a scorpion on his shoulder. Jean Cook, now in her 80s, got her first inking at 68 and says it's really no big deal.

    Friday 15 November, 2013

  • “Neck Tattoo”——Google's latest Invention

    Maybe you just know tattoo is something being used to draw on the skin for Showing up your extraordinary nature. But i have to tell you that things are varying with time ,especially fashion. However, great inventors combine fashion with science in order to make the more customers accept the new products.Google is exploring the concept of an electronic skin tattoo that could embed a microphone and lie detector into a user's neck.

    Friday 15 November, 2013

  • David Dimbleby tell us “tattoo is going to be a trend”

    You never imagine that old people are hot for the idea of tattoo in the past time,let alone the famous . Recently, David Dimbleby tattooed an image on his shoulder. Honestly speaking, fifty years from now, the sight of an old man with a tattoo will be no novelty.

    Thursday 14 November, 2013

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