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Tattoo skills

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  • How to choose suitable tattoo patterns ?

     The most trouble thing that many tattoo amateurs care about is not the pain of tattoo, but choosing the suitable tattoo designs. So how to choose tattoo patterns to suit yourself? I will give you a general introduction about different meanings that different designs represented. Read this article, it will help you do a better choice for your tattoo in the future.

    Thursday 29 May, 2014

  • Pay attention to the items when tattoo lining

    Lining is one of the important link of the tattoo, tattoo on liner must pay attention to the following items:

    Friday 02 May, 2014

  • The big six skills of portrait tattoo

    Before the first point, do first portrait, must work hard in the needle, be sure to select tip is sharp tattoo needle, needle point must be acute Angle pins, this fog is more exquisite, won't produce obvious stitch.

    Thursday 01 May, 2014

  • Cheap tattoo kit also could meet your tattoo need

    Many people who do not know the tattoo always have prejudice against tattoo, they think those people with tattoo are bad men. But it is definitely wrong. Now tattoo has becoming a popular trends all over the worlds. We could see lots of celebrities would like to get tattoo on their bodies. Some super stars treat tattoos to express individuality or attract fans attention. Some merchants treat tattoo to get good luck. Some one use tattoo to express their religion and faith. There is no doubt that if tattoo get more and more popular, the tattoo kit is also being commonly used,especially cheap tattoo kit.

    Thursday 30 January, 2014

  • Finding cheap tattoo kit with high quality

    Nowadays the tattoo has becoming a common phenomenon for the people. Some one could find the right and acceptable tattoo images from the tattoo artist. And others could tell the idea of the tattoo designs, and then the tattoo artist could draw it for the customers according their requirement. But no matter which one, it could not be completed without tattoo kit. Certainly, if you want to save money you could buy a set of cheap tattoo kit instead of expensive one. Actually the cheap one maybe not the bad one. However where to find the cheap tattoo kit here are some tips.

    Wednesday 29 January, 2014

  • The significance of the tattoo art for the artists

    We have a various and strong emotions to the tattoo, like it, hate it, stay away from it or deeply fall in with it. But no matter which one you should know that tattoo has come into our life. Many tattoos serve as religious or spiritual recognition, decoration for bravery, adversity, pledges of love, talismans and protection. The reasons for a tattoo are as diverse as stars in the Milky Way.

    Wednesday 15 January, 2014

  • The step to making a tattoo gun

    It is obvious that the tattoo has becoming a fashion for the people, who purse to tattoo on their body in order to show the individual characters. Many people choose to go to the tattoo shop for a tattoo image. There are few people have a idea to tattoo for themself, but they do not have the own tattoo gun. So i would like to give you some instructions for the people who want to make a tattoo gun by themself. The making processing include ten steps to learn. I will try my best to give you a clear and brief state.

    Friday 13 December, 2013

  • Beginner should buy a starter tattoo kit

    If you want to start your career as a tattoo artist, then you need the help of a starter tattoo kit. It is essential to be aware about the best starter tattoo kit, because this is the key to create a beautiful tattoo mark. Without proper equipment and tools, it is more likely to have several failed experience for you. And it is very hard for you to operate the tattoo shop owing to your bad skills. Inside a kit, you will acquire a lot of basic materials and equipment that you need to create a wonderful design.

    Sunday 08 December, 2013

  • What you should know when purchasing starter tattoo kit

    Tattoos are a wonderful way for anyone to express themselves. Once the image is tattooed on the skin, it will be hard to clean. However, it is the reason why people choose them due to its permanent and stability. But for the tattooist is very important to tattoo a perfect design on the human’s skin. Honestly speaking, for the starter they should be very careful for the tattoo skill. Before formal tattoo, i suggest they had better buy a set starter tattoo kit for practice until they have the confidence and master the skill.

    Sunday 08 December, 2013

  • Tips for purchasing the starter tattoo kits

    If you want to save time and save money to improve your tattoo skill, i think the starter tattoo kit should be taken into your consideration. Not only the price is low and the equipment is complete, especially for the beginner. If you really step into the tattoo , it is a good way to purchase a starter for a learning.

    Sunday 08 December, 2013

  • Why tattoo ink fade

    tattoos can easily fade without proper protection. Some tattoos are small and simple, others so large and intricate they can cost thousands and sometimes even tens of thousands of dollars to create. tattoos are amazing works of art That puts body art in the category of fine art.

    Tuesday 03 December, 2013

  • How to avoid tattoo ink fade

    1.Wear sunblock every day on your tattoos as well as any part of the body exposed to the sun.

    2. Moisturize your skin every day - that means men, too! Right after you shower lock in the moisture already on your skin with a layer of emollient lotion.

    Tuesday 03 December, 2013

  • How to Prevent Tattoo Infections?

    Tattoo Infection Symptoms
    The foremost thing before treating the infected tattoo is to recognize one. Usually, the skin around a newly done tattoo will be itchy and red with some swelling, which is absolutely normal, until at least 24 hours. If the swelling has not subsided after one day and the pain has also accentuated, then it could be the onset of an infection, and you must get advice from your physician.

    Tuesday 03 December, 2013

  • How a tattoo is applied

    When you have decided to get a tattoo. You have picked out the artwork

    and you know where you want to put it. You talked to the artist, settled on a price and filled

    out the standard release form. Now what happens?

    Monday 02 December, 2013

  • Black & Gray portrait tattooing

    Some of my previous works, most are in black and gray, with exception of one color portrait. i take influences from the likes of; Carlos Torres,Bob Tyrrell,Steve Soto,Carlos Rojas,Andy Engel,Victor Portugal and many more.

    Sunday 01 December, 2013

  • Helpful Tips In Tattooing Portraits

    This is a sample of what is on helpful tips in tattooing, have great instruction and explanation on working colors,I hope it will be some help to you!

    Saturday 30 November, 2013

  • How to tattoo portraits and realism

    Enabled tattoo portrait better response in realism, in other words, is the portrait of how to make the tattoo come out more beautiful, about this topic, we need to discuss from two aspects of portrait itself and the tattoo skills. 

    Saturday 30 November, 2013

  • how to tune or set up of a tattoo machine for lining or shading

    About the tattoo machine debugging and methods, I always want to own understanding of the machine and the experience to share with you, but always felt that he is still in groping. After nearly period of time have a good heart of the deep understanding of the machine, and write down to discuss with you, but this is just my feeling now, I writing just want to give you for reference and reference. I hope my these words can help you.

    Saturday 30 November, 2013

  • A Beginner Guide:How to Get a Tattoo

    Tattoos last forever, or at least as long as your body lasts, which is pretty much forever in human terms.So before you head down to the nearest tattoo shop and roll up your sleeve, here's how to know what to expect.

    Friday 29 November, 2013

  • Beginner Liner shader tattoo machine explination

    The machine used for shading tattoos is fundamentally the same as the machine used for line work, the only difference being a slight alteration to front part of the equipment.

    Friday 29 November, 2013

  • how to do a tattoo with a pen

    Keep in mind that it is permanent and that once you start, there's no going back. So Pick a simple design you really want.

    Thursday 28 November, 2013

  • Tips For How to Shade a Tattoo

    Shading is one of the most difficult techniques to learn when giving tattoos. You can do several things to try to get just the right amount of shading on a particular tattoo.

    Friday 22 November, 2013

  • Tattoo Needle Information

    There are four main types of needle groupings. Some have one specific use and others can vary depending on how the artist is using it. Tattoo Needles that we carry are pre-sterilized in individual blister packs. We carry tattoo round liner needles (tight), tattoo round shader needles (loose), and tattoo curved magnum needles. Our professional tattoo needles are used by professional tattoo artists around the world and are highly recommended. Below is a general explanation of the needle categories and how you can use different types of needles.

    Wednesday 20 November, 2013

  • How to work a tattoo machine

    Tattoo Machine working depends on the electromagnetic force . Tattoo machine having two coils connected with each other .

    Tuesday 19 November, 2013

  • Guide for Lining A Tattoo

    Every tattoo begins first with a stencil applied to the skin. Once applied, the very first step in the tattoo process is to outline all the stenciled lines, typically with black ink.

    Monday 18 November, 2013

  • Shading Techniques for a Color Tattoo

    The ability to do good shading is a skill that can really make a difference in the quality of a tattoo.There are multiple ways to get a shading effect on your artwork.  The perfect approach for one artist may not give the desired results to another.

    Monday 18 November, 2013

  • What is the best voltage for liner machine and shader machine

    Many tattoo power supply output 0-15 voltages, as a general rule, shaders use less voltage than liners. There is no standard voltage for all tattoo machines, each artist has different desire for comfortable tattooing.

    Tuesday 12 November, 2013

  • Shading Techniques for a Color Tattoo

    The ability to do good shading is a skill that can really make a difference in the quality of a tattoo.
    There are multiple ways to get a shading effect on your artwork. The perfect approach for one artist may not give the desired results to another. It’s a good idea to learn a variety of techniques and then choose the one that is best for a given situation.

    Tuesday 12 November, 2013

  • Tattoo Black and Grey Shading Techniques

    Once you have mastered outlining, filling in blacks and simple colours and some simple shading, it is time to step up to the next level. Learn to shade your black and grey work like the pro's.Knowing The Grey Wash Technique Can Make YOU A Lot More Money!

    Tuesday 12 November, 2013

  • Tattoo machine getting hot

    When the tattoo machine getting hot  what should we do? some help tip to you.

    Tuesday 05 November, 2013

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