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Work theory of tattoo machine

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Sunday 07 September, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Many people who use tattoo machine long time, however they do not know the  work theory of the tattoo machine. Sometimes it is no problem for the tattooist. But what can you do when the tattoo machine broken and could not work. So i think knowing how the tattoo machine work is useful for you. I try my best to use the simple words to tell you the work theory of the tattoo machine.
Simply put a tattoo machine is simply a doorbell circuit. You know the kind where you push the button outside the kitchen door and a bell rings. It is really that simplistic. In more technical terms it is a DC coil and spring points. The tattoo machine works with regular household current and it consists of 3 basic components, the base, the mechanism, and the sanitary tube.
The base is the largest component and is the bulk of the metal. A rabbit ear with a screw in it, bent at 90 degrees holds the coils. In the front there is a round hole, to hold the sanitary tube. The base houses two coils of wire wrapped around an iron core. Some people feel that this area looks like the handle of a gun.
At the top of the mechanism is a set of silver contact points. One contact point is on a spring mechanism, and the other contact point is on a screw. The spring connects to the base and a bar. The bar is then connected to the needle arm. The needle is then connected to the needles, which move up and down inside the sanitary tube.
A spring coiled U-cable is used to connect to the 6-12 volt power supply. This is called a clip-cord. The clip-cord is designed to move easily between tattoo machines, but also to stay in place and not fall out causing sparks.
Through the points, the current flows via the coils and the base of the machine. This causes the coils to become electromagnetic. The electro-magnet pulls down the bar, which does two things: pulls down the needles, and opens the points. The points being open turn off the magnet. The spring assembly brings back the bar, which causes the needles to move up and make contact with the points. This causes the whole cycle to happen again making the needles go up and down.
This action causes the ink to be drawn into the sanitary tube, so the needles can load up. The reason the tube is call sanitary is because of the cut out at the bottom of the tube that allows for it to be rinsed clean.
This is the mechanics of the tattooing equipment, that is required to make that beautiful and long lasting work of art that will adorn your body.
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