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Why does my tattoo machine not work

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Wednesday 06 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

We understand that not everyone is an expert on tattoo, might have many questions about tattoo machines,especially for beginners. So we list some common problems you may face, and some instruction for you to solve these problems yourself.
1. Contacts
When your tattoo machine quits, the first thing to check is the contacts. Tattoo machines rely on the completion of a circuit to work. These are the points where your machine connects to your power pack. With the constant vibration of tattooing, these contacts can easily become loose or shift during use. Adjust your connection and try again. If the gun still doesn't work, clean the contacts with paper or use a fine grit sandpaper to renew the surface. Ensure that all grit and debris are clear before trying to use your machine again.

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2 Armature
Check to see if the armature bar is jammed. If it's touching the front coil and it can not move up and down, it's not in its proper position. Unscrew the contact screw until it provides enough distance, permitting the coil to move up and down.

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3 clip cord or foot pedal
Clip cords and foot pedals will wear down over time, especially if you yank on the wire here and there. You can troubleshoot them if you have another clip cord or foot pedal to test with. Sanding down the connecting prongs of the clip cord may help as oxidization can build up at those points causing a progressively poor connection.

Unscrew the cover---break or not?

4 Power Pack
To find out if there's a problem with your power pack when the tattoo machine quits, hook up a different machine for testing. If a different machine doesn't work, then your power pack is the problem. If your power pack has gone bad, it is likely time to purchase a new one.

5 voltage
Turn the voltage knob on the machine all the way down. Slowly turn it up while holding the gun in your hand by the tube until you hear a smooth vibration sound to ensure you have the proper voltage.


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