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Where to find rotary tattoo guns for sale?

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Tuesday 14 June, 2016 Written by tattoodiy

Rotary tattoo guns price varies between $20-500,on tattoodiy.com website, you will find a top seller rotary guns for sale,only $13.99.

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This is a Awesome Running Rotary.it's a very small extremely light machine, set it up and gave it a whirl,the Rotary will run correctly right out of the box.


1The needle bar hold the needle in place instead of having to use a rubber band works really well actually.
2Rotary tattoo guns work like a dentist drill.
3It runs smoothly and even quieter than other rotary machine. It feels weightless in your hand more.
4Its easy to adjust the stroke of the needle by simply turning the Knob on the top of the machine.
5The motor can be set at different depths to assure proper alignment with the slide.
6The tube clamp is solid and holds very well.
7The motor and slide come out easily with just a few small counter sunk allen bolts.
8After using this machine for almost two months primarily for tight small spots and tight detail the machine is holding up very well, all the knobs and needle hold wheel are still tight, the screw at the back of the machine to set/adjust depth doesn't work that well.

Overall you will be very pleased with this machine,can't beat the price for a good machine like this $13.99.


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