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What you should know before buying cheap tattoo ink

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Thursday 02 January, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

For most people the reason they start to tattoo is to be unique comparing with others. But if you choose a ordinary tattoo, i think you purpose also is not achieved. so many people want to have a creative tattoo image for themself. And before you tattoo you also should know something about tattoo ink. Especially those want to buy the cheap tattoo ink.
First, the components of tattoo ink- pigments and carries.
For permanent tattoos, tattoo ink will be inserted into the skin with the help of tattoo needles. Tattoo ink pigments are the basic materials that provide the colors, which can be anything from minerals, plastics, vegetable dyes to metallic slats like calcium copper silicate, iron oxide, chromium oxide and zinc oxide. The carriers are liquid materials delivering pigments under the skin with no clumping and some disinfecting actions. Frequently used carriers are Listerine, propylene glycol, vodka and glycerin. Notice the quality of these two when you buy cheap tattoo ink.
And then, the tattoo ink colors.

Tattoo ink supplies can be found here and there both in local markets and online stores. The basic tattoo ink colors are green, red, purple, yellow, orange, blue, brown and white. They can be mixed to make other colors. Some other frequently used colors are gold, magenta, ecru, crimson red, mud red etc. when choosing tattoo ink colors, besides the coordination of all the designs, you should think about the risks of the chosen ink color, or you may run into troubles.
so next time when you enter the tattoo shop and want to tattoo, you need to take these factors into your consideration.

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