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What you should know about the sterilized tattoo needle

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Saturday 21 December, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

some tattoo starters are cowardly at the beginning to work on tattoo. Because they always meet some problem that they can not deal with. In that case the tattoo starter are gradually afraid to go on their work smoothly. Such as they do not know how to sterilize tattoo needle, it is not a easy thing for some tattooist , the tattoo needle is the direct equipment to touch the human’s skin. So i think maybe i should tell you some about sterilized tattoo needle. And then it will help you to improve your work.

Some customer worry about the tattoo needle could spread hepatitis b and HIV. As we all know that the both disease all spread though blood. However,when they tattooing, sometime tattoo needle make their skin blooding, that is the reason they are afraid of . And some customers ask the starter could they guarantee their safety during the tattoo. At this time,some starter always hesitate to answer the question. But i could tell the customers and the starters that the both virus of hepatitis b and HIV has been eliminated though high temperature disinfection. Only the tattooist sterilized tattoo needle strictly there is no possibility to contact the virus. Maybe after hearing this, the starter and customer could feel relieved for tattoo.

Nowadays, more and more tattooist choose the disposable tattoo needle to work. At this rate, they could prevent the virus spread, but it is a little luxury for the starter. So you could sterilize tattoo needle for a safe tool.

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