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What you need to buy in tattoo supplies?

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Saturday 14 June, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

I know in the tattoo circle, there are lots of people who ever learn painting in the school time. after graduating from school, many people engaged in the work relevant drawing. Actually i want to make it more clear that tattoo is also a work involving painting. But that dose not mean you just have the superb painting skill could make a success in tattoo industry. What i want to tell you that you should purchase tattoo supplies for yourself. 1. A Tattoo Machine. This is the primary instrument of tattooing. It's best to refer to it as a tattoo machine and not a tattoo gun - professions kind of scorn the term 'gun' as trite. In any event, this gun-like device is what most everyone is familiar with when it comes to tattooing. Learning how handle, clean, and properly load a tattoo gun is something you'd want to learn. 2. Tattooing Needles. The tattoo needles are instrumental in performing the job - without them, there be no way to get the ink into the skin. Tattoo machines work with two different types of needles, known as shader and liner needles. Shader needles make it easier to color wider or larger areas, whereas liner needles are used to perform detailed work and outlining work. 3. Tattoo Inks. Tattoo ink and the needles work in tandem with the machine to inject skin into the flesh. For starters needing the least amount of tattoo supplies, black of course is the most common tattoo ink color used. If only a 2-3 other inks were to be purchased, the colors to pick would likely be: red, green, and blue. 4. A Power Supply. A tattoo machine is not battery operated! A good power supply needs to be hooked up to the unit for it to function. If affordable, seek out a power supply that offers control from a pedal switch that can be operated by stepping on them with your feet. This leaves the artists hands free to focus and guide the actual tattoo work being done without needing to be concerned about supplying power to their unit. The tattoo supplies above i list just the most important for the tattoo artist, of cause there are also some other supplies you should have. For instance, ink caps, gloves and fake skin to practice on and others. If you want to save money,you could treat the drinking cup as the ink cap. But for the customers it look like not very professional and sanitary. I think it is all depends on your real situation. And DVD, if you have master the tattoo skill, i think you could spend less time on it, which tell the starters some method to learn tattoo and some common problem.

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