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What Types of Tattoo Machines

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Tuesday 05 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

A liner tattoo machine is the base needed for a clean tattoo. A liner is used to outline the tattoo and for defining details and line work. The machine uses groups of needles most commonly in a circle pattern to deliver the ink into the skin. These traditional machines have parts such as coils and an armature bar, using electromagnets to run.

The shader is used to color in the tattoo or to add shading and depth. A shader tattoo machine is heavier than a liner, due to the heavier components. Along with larger groupings of flat rows of needles, a shader may have larger coils to give the machine extra power for coloring in a large area.

A rotary machine, unlike a liner and shader, does not run on coils. It runs on a
a wheel, somewhat like a pulley system, and is a much quieter machine when running.
A rotary machine can be used as a liner or shader.

tattoo machine rotary

The newest tattoo machine on the market, a Neuma, runs on a compressed air
system. It has the option of being autoclaved, rendering it sterilized, which is not
possible with other types of tattoo machines. This machine is also the lightest of
the four, weighing less than 2 ounces.

Never purchase a tattoo machine unless you have completed a professional apprenticeship in a tattoo shop and have been educated in the prevention of spreading disease. Tattooing without this kind of education can lead to scarring, staph infections and diseases like hepatitis for you or someone you tattoo.

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