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What should be noted when using liner machine?

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Saturday 19 July, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Just as most people says, tattoo machine is the most important part in tattoo, it usualliy made up by shader machine and liner machine. 
For a beginner, knowing how to set up the liner machine and how to use it is very important. Now I’d like to introduce you the tips you should note.
When setting your tube and needle you should not set the needle flush with the tube tip. It should be sticking out just a bit to be barely visible. Before setting your needle give it a little bend that will assist in pushing the needles against the back side of your tube tip and you can use less rubber bands which can slow down your machine and cause you to have ink splatters or not be able to use larger needle groupings. Also, be sure the solder is always facing the tube opening.
When using the liner machine, two tips you should care. Firstly,pay attention that the liner tattoo machine is used to do the precise tattoo outlining. You need to use “liner” tattoo needle with “liner” machines. “Liner” needles usually consist of three to nine small needle, which are tightly bound together in circle with sharp taper up to 4 mm. The common numbers of “liner” needles are 3, 5, 7 and 9. “Liner” machine has a upright position and has a small capacitor and a small coil, both of which runs quickly to help the precise outlining work.
We should pay attention to the perspective the liner machine and our skin, make sure the maximum angle should not exceed 20degree. Otherwise, it is easily to lead to muddy opening of the line, or it do not paint. It is the most black when the tattoo machine into the needle angle is vertical to the skin. when lining, the depth of the needle should not be too deep, to 1-1.5mm is the best. 
Then you should care the lining direction. The first is the liner tattoo machine direction. The tattoo machine can only go along with the title direction of the tattoo machine, it could not be titled against the tattoo machine direction. The second is that we should pay attention to the order in 
which to complete the pattern. We have to follow from bottom to top, order from right to left. Because when we use a tattoo machine the wrist must seek support, then the palm maybe have spent the following design touch when they go on the grain pattern. As a result, we can not complete the tattoo. 
Be carefully and correctly to use it, then you will be easy to shade and have a satisfying pattern. 
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