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What kind of tattoo machine is an excellent machine

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Sunday 23 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Excellent tattoo machine requires: stable, durable easy to damage, well-made, easy to operate
Choose what kind of tattoo machine for tattoo artists at different stages?
Novice participants: Novice entering the industry because everything is still in the exploratory stage, but the most confusing novice asked tattooists
Title is the "gimmick" of flexible control and transport. Members Imagine, if the use of inferior machine, then hand pressure
Take the severity pinch, how to accurately implement? Mishandled sophisticated technology not only can not be fast, but is bear false treasure
Your time, and the problems of a suitable tattoo machine production design, has been able to meet the novice
Considerations into account, as long as holding the tattoo machine work, with its unique slap stamina plus stable frequency, only
To be able to draw a pattern on paper, you can use the tattoo machine to create equal work, therefore, appropriate
The tattoo machine just let the machine becomes a pen, so that novices do not need to waste time to explore, and thus shorten the learning, the province
To many detours;
In stage tattooists: This stage tattooists best at learning and clinical practices and works master mold, which
Advanced is a tattoo artist and grow a necessary process, but how you can easily make a similar style
And the ingenious way? Yes, tattoo machine machine-specific needs firmness and flexibility, stability, performance and ease of operation
, Illustration, such as playing the fog practice, not by grinding red skin, but the low voltage used in order shapely
Light gray, the color immediately, there will be no recovery after bleaching phenomenon, not because of the fog appeared to fight and destroy the whole dark
Body effect, and can meet to form a low lesions may fidelity requirements.
High stage tattooists: This stage tattooists basic techniques have been handy, and then pursue or conduct
Self-style, self-style or "inspiration" come from? Is relaxed and composed, non-binding, is very Tan
Laughing wind of Elegant sentiment, but after my observation, many experts work attentively, Zhan war
Jing Jing, fearing an oversight, but falling flaw works! I ask, if there is such a working pressure profile
Body division of inspiration and personal style to produce?
So, choose a good tattoo machine, and you will easily face the challenges of each work, and with the
The idea of self exhibits a unique flavor.
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