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What kind of cheap tattoo ink fade the most ?

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Thursday 02 January, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

In my opinion, the tattoo is the same with painting in many aspects. The only difference is that the painting is done on the paper, while the tattoo is conducted on the human’s skin. So for the painters and tattoo artist they have a high standard and requirement for the tattoo ink. They do not care spend more money on the tattoo ink, however what i mean that it is not necessarily the products with high price have the best quality. You also could cost very little money to buy good products,such as cheap tattoo ink also could create beautiful tattoo images. Actually no matter the expensive one or the cheap one both will fade more or less, even though the tattoo is a kind of art stay on the skin with all one’s life. So you should know the what kind of tattoo color fade the most.

Although there are many factors which will determine what tattoo ink colors fade faster than others, there are several options which are not the best choice. Very light colors, such as pale blue or pink, are known to fade quicker than other colors. Vibrant colors, such as hot pink or turquoise, tend to fade much faster than tattoo ink colors which are darker in color. Oranges, yellows, pinks, and lighter shades of green are all known to fade faster than other tattoo ink colors.
So when you choose the tattoo images, you not only should consider the design of the tattoo images, but also its colors. Try to not to use this few kind of colors. In this case, your tattoo stay longer on your skin and keep a fresh appearance.

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