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What is your ideal tattoo machine?

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Tuesday 08 July, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Have you ever thought about your ideal tattoo machine? What is your standard when choosing a tattoo machine? The appearance? The performance? Or other factors?Different people have different opinions, in my opinion, I think the quality and the size is very important.
Considerating the whole processes in tattoo, there is no doubt that the tattoo machine is the most important part in the whole equipment. It is used to shade and line, which people care most in the two parts for a tattoo is permanent in their life.
There are many kinds of tattoo machines available for us to use. For 
example, sorted by brand, there are famous LUO’s handmade tattoo machines, the Rotary tattoo machines, the Damascus tattoo machines etc. Sorted by materials, there are copper tattoo machines, iron tattoo machines, bullet tattoo machines, wire-cutting tattoo machines, relievo tattooo machines and so on. If you sort in use , there are three kinds of machines, one can be used both for shading and lining, while the other two can be only used to shade and line. People especially the travel tattooist care tattoo machine size as well, for they always go around the world, the tattoo machine must be cute and can be carried easily. Most people differ a tattoo machine by its fuction, they are clip cord tattoo machine and the rotary tattoo machine. 
Have you confused about such a variey of tattoo machines? What is your ideal tattoo machine? Do you have a generally idea? Yes, maybe the beautiful colors, maybe the famous brand you like, maybe the good material you think the best, or the proper size you think well. Do not worry, do not be consuled about the appearance, there are something more important. 
I think an ideal tattoo machine should include not only what is written above, also have a superior quality and a perfect function. the machine must have a high strength and a balanced frame, it is better for a low vibration. The precision-wound coils with heat-resitant is good for people to use if it is a handmade tattoo machine. For a rotary tattoo machine, it does not need a rubber band and but an adjustable hitting force is needed. The votage is needed to take into consideration, for the machine can be have a good connection with the tattoo power supply. The frequency must be controlled at a normal range. Then the tattoo machine can work well.
An ideal tattoo machine like this can make you comfortable and help you have a good tattoo design. 
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