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What is the best voltage for liner machine and shader machine

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Tuesday 12 November, 2013 Written by tattoodiy

Many tattoo power supply output 0-15 voltages, as a general rule, shaders use less voltage than liners. There is no standard voltage for all tattoo machines, each artist has different desire for comfortable tattooing. The best way to find how much to be set is practice after knowing some basic rules. And becareful to start the machine at 3V, and adjust it under 6-9 V while working.
In general, 8-10 volts for line work (higher voltage) & 6-8 volts for shade work (lower voltage). General rule is a nickel's thickness for shading and a dimes thickness for line work. From there you will experiment on those and adjust them to fit your skill and needs. Really it depends on your machine type (rotary or coil), bigger needle groupings (uses more power), how much needle throw you have (1/16th inch or more) & skill of the artist. Answers can vary on this. In fact, some artists will increase voltage and make lighter contact to skin and some will lower volts and push a little deeper which causes the needle to relax in the skin. 
Remember, Slower for shading, faster for lining!

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