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Use the tutorial tattoo ink

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Sunday 18 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Colour and lustre is deep know-how. Every time before the needle with the most tattoo ink, the speed is moderate, once in place, small mobile spacing. Repeat this action, also pay attention to avoid no tattoo ink in grinding thorn skin. 
And how to control the needle mouth between jitter? 
Jitter between needle and needle mouth, especially jitter problem mostly row needle and needle mouth in the right perspective, pay attention to the needle bar with the needle to needle mouth is correct vertical. The rubber band position, the needle before you start to see a needle, think with your heart more, found the cause of the jitter should not be difficult. 
U about pigment 
It's hard to tell which one is the best, should and personal technique. Using the experience very much. Choose a good tattoo ink is very important, but familiar with the characteristics of tattoo ink itself is more important. I can't confirm which one is the best. 
After u about tattoo color diffusion phenomenon 
Mostly lies in the needle in the same point of wait too long, too many tattoo ink into the skin, and the machine too fast instant moment broke many capillaries, and ran into the capillaries accumulation of tattoo ink. Too much some, will appear the phenomenon of color diffusion, some microvascular over a period of time to restore the relevance after submitting a pigment to color the phenomenon of diffusion. 
Must remember that tattoo in the performance of single order, every light color performance machine speed slow down, as far as possible when the needle through the skin should be to have the feeling of not easy coloring, but slightly scratch and levels. And dark, unless to heavy color (such as black tribal totem), or in the same way. Such as HB pencil - 2 b, 6 b, like dilute dye depth and color. Its use is as different pencils have different pen on the feeling of pressure. Machines as pen slowly experience, experience, will soon be able to transfer of tattoo machine use. 
Painted on the white 
When doing a figure, the white place is on the top of the black lines of white, or left abdomen after color in white? Of course is done on white, white is very bad, but you have to try to slow down the speed of the machine, put long needle on the basis of the original, wen will deep a little better. 
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