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Use the tattoo needle technique

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Friday 09 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
A good tattoo should not only have good design and composition, but also to the correct use of secant tattoo needle. 
Many people even professional tattoo artist can have secant too shallow, too fine or line is not clear, this is the result of improper use tattoo needle method. 
1, the use of tattoo needle secant points: 
(1) hand to stability, strength and speed to uniform. , the more the more slow, the deeper the color; On the other hand, the color the more light. 
(2) the depth of the tattoo needles to 1 MM to 1.5 MM, not more than 2 MM. Is usually in the base layer of the skin epidermis and the dermis between head level. 
(3) tattoo needle against the skin to keep vertical, if must not be more than 20-30 degrees. 
(4) connection to nature. Cut in long term or hand moves, cohesive place will lift, best can see the tip. So cohesive place would naturally, does not appear double bar. 
(5) the secant, from bottom to top, order from right to left to do, such ability won't let us transfer pattern is fuzzy. 
(6) beginners to have confidence in yourself, the needle, needle to cleanly, cannot stop, otherwise it's easy to have a pause point. 
(7) when the secant try not to speak to the guest. 
2, the focus of several lines, respectively, should pay attention to 
(1) arc: attention to sleek lines, to connect to the natural flow. 
(2) the angled line: pay attention to the right place of certain important cohesion. 
(3) arc tip line: attention will be given to the end of the needle gently lift, cohesion is close friends certainly. 
(4) arc pointed round wire: design is pointed and circular place don't stop needle, needle to smooth the past again. 
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