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Use the tattoo machine should pay attention to the common sense

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Friday 12 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
1. The secant machine and fog machine in performance have what characteristics? 
the secant machine is fast and back out of the needle is fast, so as not to hang the skin! The requirement of fog machine is different, according to the habit of each tattoo artist! This is all the production machines can't do! In general are our people in accommodating the machine (speed, strength, flexibility, speed and flexibility, related to users under the decisiveness of the needle, strength the relationship with the user's habits. 
2. Select the tattoo machine matters that should be paid attention to: electromagnetic coil and the stability of the shrapnel bounce, depends on the processing of the early locating and tolerance to master; In addition, fixed coil screws and check out best gaskets, so as not to shift due to vibration. Listen to the voice sometimes mislead your judgment, to judge a good tattoo machine only after loading the needle and buckle on elastic correct conclusion can be drawn from actual use. Equipment, because consider cost factor, sometimes material too thin is the reason why sounds awful, thick frame voice naturally thick! 
3. Different brands of tattoo machine on the market price disparity between amplitude is large, that in terms of quality, will be a big difference? 
Tattoo machine price, is that it is identity and reputation; In terms of quality, if the businessman in the electromagnetic iron core and suspended the two parts with the (electromagnetism pure iron), also called soft iron, so, the machine should be no mystery! Because the soft iron is the best material to the two parts. 
4. How to identify the strength of the tattoo machine soft? 
A: this problem is more troublesome, accurate method is to use high-speed cameras, observe the machine after the loss of magnetic needle back inside the mouth (distance) schedule and distance is soft, small distance is hard! Is the best effect with the least amount of piercing the frequency will be enough pigment into the target location, at this point if regardless of technique, the problem of machine is obviously came out. Fast and hard skin lesions caused by the machine is big! Slow and soft the skin lesions caused by the machine is small! 
The reason: it fast and hard machine work in retraction to each needle mouth in the stay time is short, another former shell is hard, can bounce back after the excitation-loss stroke is small, then caused the needlepoint of pigment dip in a little, can, of course, being sent to the target location is less. On the other hand, the slow and gentle machine at work in the retraction to each needle mouth for a long time, in addition Because former shell is soft, can bounce back after the excitation-loss trip also big, also is equal to the amount of pigment dip take increased the needlepoint, can be sent to the target location is more! 
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