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Use tattoo machine shaking?

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Sunday 10 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Q: when the tattoo lines go bad, is all jagged, after every lines lines to go a few times, line is very thick, and jitter. Don't know if it is a tattoo machine posture, hold the machine or other reasons? Need both hands to resist to stabilized a bit, how should I efforts, in order to break the habit? 
A: you try tie a weight on the pen, draw a line on the paper, will shake. If not, or psychological problems. But if walk line on the paper will shake, the estimate is the problem on your body. 
How can I do hand shake when the tattoo? 
Tattoo machine to start the vibration, combined with its own weight, it is not easy to master. Combined with general tattoo, customer body is upright, the artist's hand there is no strong point, depends on the power to master. But by strength grasp do not represent the whole hand tied tightly, instead the whole body to relax, hands must be light, the in the mind must be confident. The more tied on to the wonder whether go good line, the more I will shake. 
In view of the line is not allowed, you can put the needle longer, secant with suspension needle. If you clearly see the line saw the tip, but still go, that is your personal feeling, have to practice more. Word master off to go hang needle depth, maintain uniform. 
Actually in the beginning of a tattoo, more or less will have hands shaking phenomenon, so don't worry, this is to gradually increase in the constant practice and practice and smooth. 
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