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Use a tattoo kit order

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Saturday 11 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
When a customer came in, let us suppose that he wanted to make a tattoo on the upper arm. After talking with him briefly talk about design and which one he prefers. Let's assume that chosen a design, signed the pledge. If they want to on the left arm lines, they will sit in front of you, back toward the workbench; If the same position on the right arm, they will turn around, towards the table. 
To emphasize the location problem of the body. Should consider the position of the customer in advance with your own position. Not appropriate distance will slow down your work, also can make your work inconvenient. You can be in after the customer is in place, to move your position, until you find a comfortable, stable job position. 
Reference "sterile operation" section, as described in the wash your hands thoroughly. Take one serving in clean containers paper towels on the table, and then hold a spoonful of vaseline on paper towels. Start preparing now to where the tattoo. After the preparations were made, the skin has disinfection, you can now use secant nozzle and the needle out of the package, put together the tattoo kit components, strictly abide by the assembly steps, can refer to "tattoo machine working principle and installation" section. Will be assembled secant machine on one side, and then assemble the fog machine. Decide in advance what kind of transfer printing method is best for you, and then prepare a template for the design. Let customers sit straight, his arm is in a state of relaxation. Zhi is to template transfer to the site of the tattoo, until you and your customers are satisfied with its location. Work adjust indoor light, the light shone on the arm, in order to make your work in the best state. Removed several want to use color and black and carefully squeezed black tattoo pigment from the sterile bottle, loading prepared a pigment in the cup. 
Now to take surgery with sterile latex gloves. Selected have previously adjusted secant machine installed and check to make sure the needle mouth, etc. In order to steadily hold, lock parts to be strong, will hook type wire card on the back of the terminal and shrapnel base. Start the power supply, with foot switch start and stop the machine, so that you can make your hands free. Check the power supply on circular rheostat, determining the right voltage of the machine. Do these is to be experienced, later, you will be judged by the sound of the machine, keep it general speed and started slowly, once started, can speed up the operation. 
Grab the under side of the arm and tighten the skin between your thumb and fingers, the tip of the needle mouth into pigment, and then began the plans from a corner at the bottom of start up work, from right to left. Don't make machine Angle is larger than 450 or pigment will run down from the inside of the needle mouth, also along the needle bar back. Remember, just like with a pen. Be careful not to make the patterns of the transfer printing up fuzzy. Through the paper apply the method to remove pigment from the skin, not friction on it. Check again after needle mouth filling, to stop the machine when immersed in pigment. When the contour to complete, sprayed with disinfectant the place to which you have just finished profile Jiao dry, then modify the irregular line. After this all ready, apply a layer of vaseline. 
In distilled water or pure water clean the tip of the needle mouth of secant, put aside. When the blackening of work done, you will play the fog needle mouth dipped in distilled water or pure water to clean. This will get rid of most or all of the black pigment dyed in needle mouth, to prepare for the next one color. Between each color, like coloring section describes washing outside the needle mouth, covered a layer of vaseline on the skin, it can be clean very well. When the tattoo end customers is also very satisfied, will give the guests about home and maintenance instructions, make sure customers know the process of recovery, and give them a recovery in the process of maintenance, let them take it home. Emphasize reading it, they must be careful to take care of their tattoos. Tattoo after the full mouth and remove the needle, and needle into the box of "waste". 
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