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Understand the tattoo needle

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Friday 16 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
In the process of tattoo, tattoo needle number and frequency is proportional to the speed, pin number, the less speed slower, pin number, the more the faster the speed, but sometimes also according to need. Tattoo color rendering and the depth of the pin number, speed, and Pierce, tattoo machine can promptly contact with some electromagnetic coil on the softness of a proper adjustment, can also be a proper dilution on the pigment concentration. In this direction we could adopt a needle into the skin of another important key of needle point distribution. 
With the example of a tattoo, theoretically the best phenomenon is average distribution of needle point, color by many small needle point gathered into a big piece. If the patch is formed by bit by bit small wounds, for skin damage will be lower, the ideal tattoo wound should be slightly than a scratch, scratch is the whole piece on the surface of the skin damage. We want to achieve the best effect should be to understand the tattoo machine to Pierce the skin, the frequency of needle and hand movement speed.  
If the tattoo machine needle 10 times a second, then Pierce the skin at the same point, is in the same point under ten, forming a big point, if the hand moving at a speed in a straight line, can form a straight line ten points, and the distance between point and point with the faster and faster, the greater the slower. So that the frequency of needle and hand moving speed varies according to the requirements of the graphics and match each other. Mastering the principle can make oneself when doing tattoo swim blade enough to spare. Tattoo machine in unless needed at the fog, otherwise can't pause in the same place, so we often use is constantly or rotate around the fog. Many beginners will ask before, during and after the play when the fog is good way or a circle of fog around, in fact, if we understand the relationship between the frequency of needle and hand movement speed will know as long as the needle point can average distribution, way, it is not the point, can transform way according to personal habits. Technology and methods is in progress and innovation. 
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