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Understand the tattoo custom tools all over the world

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Wednesday 29 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo, in the modern society, has become a kind of fashion, personality, art, tattoo skills has been very mature, tattoo tool has also been tattoo machine, tattoo needles and tattoo power supply has been replaced.Tattoo as a kind of aesthetic idea, religious beliefs, in many countries and nationalities, especially in the life of people in some areas by monarch, prevails.About the origin of tattoos, some scholars have conducted in-depth research, it actually has many years of history, yet there is no consistent view.But it is fair to say that the custom with the development of human beings, has experienced a long process.
All over the world tattoo tool is varied;Tunisians, Nigeria, ibo with dyed pigment knife;Arizona, some indians and the malayan people with thorns;And in many other parts of the world are popular with needles generally create the pattern of the tool.Eskimo and eastern Siberia tattoo is very special, they put the needle on the painted with black paint line, this kind of pigment by the soot of juice and water, oil or some particular plants.Then use acupuncture in skin, draw into all sorts of design.
Oceania bo, for professional tattoo craftsman to tattoo, is popular with the locals to respect these craftsmen.Tattoo, craftsmen on the human body is turned into line first, and then, to use wood, bone, or small serrated knife on top of the line of stone, with a small mallet on the knife back gently knock, make it pierced the skin surface, then stab in mouth besmear layup color pigment.
For the tattoo, it is only natural that the suffering great pain, and not a tattoo, lasts for several months.In the meantime, the tattoo come a long way to come for a party guest many times.Also, presented the tattoo craftsmen pigs and mat.Bo, young men and women, usually in adolescence tattoo, only after the tattoo, can marry.The average person can only be local, such as face, arm tattoo.The person with higher social status, has the general drawing pattern.In terms of gender, generally speaking, the decorative pattern of men more than women.The marquesas islands residents tattoo is the most complicated.They even internal drawing decorative pattern on the scalp, in the eyes and lips.
For tattoo, people give a lot of hopes, in the history of Egypt had found a mummified female, two hundred years BC, abdominal stab parallel lines, by the archaeological proof, this is to ease my pain.In ancient Egypt, women tattoo have promote to have more children.Today's Arab, the second day after menstruation women or the custom of tattoo on the third day, this is to encourage the children.
The ancient Greek history records: no tattoo, it is not good.Become a fashion in the 18th century, tattoo.The stamp of the Indian people think tattoo is his family, otherwise, dies cannot reunite and ancestors.According to the provisions of the Fijian tattoos all personnel can touch the pearl river, a tattoo of people can only stand on the shore watching, no tattoos are not allowed to do anything.
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