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Two questions about tattoo needle

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Wednesday 20 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1. The tattoo when the amount of bleeding, affects the effect of tattoo ok later? 
You must know how many there are three kinds of situations of bleeding. 
A. is the depth of the needle into the.. If below the dermis is too much, easily bleeding. 
B. tattoo needle is too sharp, such as a single needle or a few needles, sharp needle is easy to form the microvascular severed wound, so easy to bleed. 
C. epidermis after too much damage, form a severe wound, also easy to bleed. 
So the artist must determine what is the cause of bleeding! Must understand on the basis of tattoo ink. The artist can be divided into two ways of profile thorn: a. Two deep skin. Skin - (here is the fingerprint ink in the location of the skin) 
The correct method of deep skin, although it bleeding, but enough because of the tattoo ink accumulation on the skin. Quantity is enough big, will not affected by bleeding too much! Hemorrhage is not affect the color, the key is whether the tattoo ink Pierce in place! 
2. The speed and depth of needle, big impact on the color 
A: the real color. You need tattoo needle into to deep thinking - the focus is on how to at least the number of times, Pierce more amount of tattoo ink. 
The speed of the needle is proportional to the degree of skin damage - think the point is how to make the skin injury to a minimum! 
You must be up to think about these two works! Color the real trick.. Every time before the needle with the most amount of pigment, moderate speed, a Pierce in place, the moving distance is small... Repeat this action! Pay attention to avoid no tattoo ink, but also in the sting my skin! 
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