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Twelve Steps to learn tattoos

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Thursday 16 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Just coming into the tattoo the beginner of the industry, with very high enthusiasm on tattoos, always thinking about all the knowledge learned to tattoo, immediately but learning is a gradual thing. 
Step 1: know your tattoo tools 
Before learning the tattoo you have to do is to fully understand their tools used in the process of tattoos. 
Step 2: learn tattoo machine
The emergence of the tattoo machine brought the Gospel to tattoo fans, it is very important to the correct use of tattoo machine. 
Step 3: learn how to correctly use the syringe needle 
Carefully study the tattoo machine, now learn the use of the syringe, this will be your direct contact with the tool to a tattoo man. 
Step 4: to know the tattoo ink 
Should be of various types of ink tattoo, tattoo ink is not group of little things in the tattoo, also read the works of art show you. The correct use of tattoo ink can make your tattoo is more outstanding. 
Step 5: to organize all previous learning tattoos 
Learned here, should study all the time to organize things, again, be familiar with it, step by step, it will make you start tattoo has a good foundation. 
Step 6: work with tattoo practice "skin" 
Start to something real in this step, looking for some tattoo practice skin to agent for the skin of the body, began his first tattoo. 
Step 7:, preparing yourself to the customer 
If you feel the previous study, also familiar with, so from now on you will be ready to all, psychological and actual operation of preparation, because you to tattoo tattoo soon. 
Step 8: according to the requirements to develop and adopt a tattoo 
Armed themselves, will talk to the guest directly, according to the requirement of the tattoo devotees to help him design patterns that he satisfied, then according to the design method to determine what they want to do a tattoo. 
Step 9: began to real tattoo fans tattoo 
This step is the first step you enter the tattoo industry, remember how to communicate and tattoos, guaranteed that the tattoo in a comfortable environment to accept tattoos. According to the outline design the contour. 
Step 10: shadow and color 
Began to beautify your tattoo. Shadow and color processing, it will make your work look more let a person comfortable, beautiful. 
Step 11: tattoo after processing 
, after the completion of a tattoo is not means that you can become a tattoo artist, tattoo on maintenance and maintenance, responsible for the tattoo is necessary is also a tattoo artist, it is also a professional ethics. 
Step 12: set up your own tattoo parlors 
Step by step, after training, the accumulation of experience, at the same time is also money. 
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