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Transfer carbon skills before the tattoo

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Wednesday 01 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
And customers you choose design, must have a way to transfer it to the site of tattoo. Even the best tattoo artist also rarely unarmed work (in the blank on the skin directly without any draft tattoo), because once the tattoo can't remove. So on the skin to have a tattoo of a draft, so you know where to grain, knowing in advance how it would look. In tattoo work, this method from the design to the skin is called transfer carbon, it has many different ways and methods. 
We have to say is more popular in the world of popular transfer carbon method. 
First of all, one way is to use ready-made designs to transfer carbon. In the paper to remember when it pat skin, it is reverse in like. It rolled over, put it in the light, that is to be presented on the skin. If you want to make a tattoo is consistent with the direction of the design, the design will be upside down or upside down. 
Brush (transfer printing pen) 
This is a very simple but very effective transfer method, the required material is a design, offset offset ink pen in pencil or with a senior transfer carbon paper (or translucent vegetable parchment). Transfer carbon paper thin, transparency is very good also, for through it to see the following design. 
First, the design (up or turn it over to the drawing board or clip to the belt clip on the clipboard, and then will transfer carbon paper stick to or clip to the top of it. The paper should have enough large area is used to map design. Sure you could cover the whole design, with the placement of an economic method (like in the one horn of the paper rather than the middle, can save the space and will transfer the carbon paper the rest to map other artwork). Through the transfer carbon paper saw the pattern. If not, will put a small desk lamp beside the sketchpad in order to make you see clearly. This requires a sketchpad is transparent, or you can make a machine dedicated to copy patterns, this internal table with lights will bring us great convenience in the work. 
Take a brush, autotype design on the paper, according to the outline of a tattoo design carefully to depict the down, sometimes need to be repeated several times to draw a solid line. Then cut out the depict good design, pay attention to, must be around the pattern set aside at least 2 cm wide. So you can finish the whole template. How will this template on the skin? The best approach is to use ordinary transfer carbon paste sticking to it. After confirmed good, when you put a tattoo on the part of the tattoo on alcohol disinfection, then put the position of hair shave (every slight place cannot pass). Next to the skin apply a thin layer of transfer carbon paper, paper at the top of it will make a good design. Friction with your fingers for a few seconds, then put the paper away. Look at the pattern on the skin. Check for accuracy, and let customers check. Cleanly finished transfer carbon, of course, also have certain skills, so you need to do a lot of practice at the site of the tattoo. Upon by tattoo practice easy to transfer carbon skill, because it can be washed off and retry it over and over again, your friend, wife, husband or yourself is a good practice model. 
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