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To master the art of tattooing need to know the advice

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Tuesday 23 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
For a professional tattoo artist, only profound art strength and rich imagination is not enough, after all, a tattoo is a kind of skin art, the art is more skilled, but many years of practice coupled with high savvy, to "Promised Land", to become a master. 
1. When using the tattoo ink, black is a make up, repeatedly blackening deeper ash; 
2. The tattoo machine is the best state, until there is sound, the needle under the skin, is not sound; 
3. There is no best tattoo machine, only the best technique, never excuse yourself; 
4, heavy color to paint the light, and light color is never painted a deep color than he, don't confuse the superficial phenomenon; 
5, slow secant, small loop; 
6, the heavy sting method do good color is wrong, block surface approach is right; 
7. There is no shortcut to tattoo, so is what I do see the effect after work to restore, restore the appearance is very terrible, but is the only way to find the problem, and don't be fooled by the surface, this is something most people; 
8. Plate fog is not grind out! 
9. For different skin color with pigment, also is different, dark skin with powder pigment; White skin with water to make, the more gorgeous; 
10. The color is not necessarily the white do level, but absolutely can't water diversion; 
11. If you want to work not hair grey, black and white ash contrast must be better, that is to say don't use heavy color to paint the color; 
12. Bright fog not grinding, is closely arranged each needle point out that the homogeneous degree of the ground out of the fog is to rely on the metabolism of skin, to evenly at the mercy of it and the surface of the hazy lied to eyes and skin look like through the frosted glass! 
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