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The working principle and the factors affecting the speed of the

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Friday 10 July, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Learn physics of junior high school friends all know, the electromagnet will produce suction on the ferromagnetic material, it is easy to understand, when the tattoo machine is switched on, the current through the electromagnetic coil, a frame, a touch rod, shrapnel and other components to form a loop, the electromagnetic coil generates suction, suction armature to move the armature, move down again lead contact point bar and the front spring break, the current path is cut off, the armature will be in spring driven return, to make contact closure, the electromagnetic coil and current flows, and attracts the armature moves downwards, and so forth, the current time after, when the suction coil, the armature will produce vibration, drive the tattoo the needle fixed on the vibration.
The debugging of the tattoo machine with respect to its work principle is complex, for debugging purposes is obtained suitable speed and suitable intensity, and influence tattoo machine speed and strength are also many factors, and influence each other.
First is the voltage, improve the power supply voltage can improve the speed and intensity of tattoo machine.
Followed by the shrapnel and the length of the elastic force, relatively hard shrapnel (i.e. high elastic force spring) and relatively short shrapnel can obtain higher speed.
There is the travel of the armature (i.e. the armature and the electromagnetic coil core distance), stroke is bigger, slower.
There is a touch rod and front spring contact between the contact strength, the greater the intensity, the faster the tattoo machine. Through the bending degree of regulation of shrapnel can change the contact strength, inconvenience is, contact adjustment and the stroke of the armature iron interaction needs to adjust repeatedly.
In addition to the armature weight affect the speed of the machine, the armature is lighter, faster machines.
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