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The use of the tattoo needles

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Wednesday 09 July, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Before introducing you how to use tattoo needles, some information about tattoo needles you should know. I introduced the tattoo needles for different use before. Today, how to use tattoo needles will be shown.
RL stands for round liner needles which are used for lining. RS stands for round shader used for shading. Flats are used for areas with geometric shapes and shading. Weaved magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring large areas. This kind of needle shade very well, it can be light or heavy. Stacked magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring tighter large areas. For the density is of relatively large, the depth it through into the skin is shallow. Both can be used for lining if you turn the needle to the side. This does take a bit of skill to do, so only do it if you have practiced the technique enough or else you may end up damaging the skin. Round curve magnums are used for shading, blending and coloring large areas with less impact to the skin. The needles are made in an arch formation to better deflect the skin when it goes in and out. With a regular magnum, there is potential for the edges of the mag to dig into the skin, with a round magnum, the arch of the needle will allow you to move more freely on the skin without the risk of the edges digging in. It usually used to shade and bright change. All the types information can be seen in the needle package. 
After these information, I will introduce you how to use tattoo needles like rounds, magnums and curved magnums. Make sure no matter what type of needles you use, make the needles, tubes and grips in a same leval when you setting up your tattoo machine. Then it can be fixed srongly. Because the rounds are quite straight forward. The larger the area of coverage, the larger count needle you would use. For thicker lines, use a larger count round liner. Usually the diameter of each needle is between 0.25-0.4mm, but the diameter between 0.3-0.35mm is the most widely used and is thought as the best in round liner needles. Pigment dispersal using a magnum is smoother than rounds. A good comparison would be a round liner is a pen while a magnum is a magic marker. Proper use of a magnum takes a bit of practice. The magnum should always hit the skin at an angle. If it goes in straight and not at an angle it will stick into the skin which will cause the needle to jump. Smear vaseline on the skin to increase lubrication, then the pin will be very smooth when working. Make sure the magnitude of line be moderate and adjust the angle well, both the needle and the tattoo will be perfect. Always drag the magnum across the skin by pulling it across. Do not push forward as this will cause the magnum to dig into the skin causing pain and getting the needle caught. Color in a circular motion, a magnum, being wider, will cover more area faster than a conventional round. Wipe the skin often so you can pay attention to the texture while you are using a magnum. 
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