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The use of tattoo ink and tattoo recovery of rub off

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Tuesday 10 February, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo ink is placed in a transparent layer, but the tattoo ink is opaque, in theory, any ink, including white, however, the skin is translucent, not clear, so there will be some ink shows a color. This part of the ink without any treatment can produce a slight yellow reaction, the effect of the color of skin slants dark people will be more vivid. 
Professional tattoo artist says, because white ink in early do tattoo is difficult to see the colour effect, experienced artists used in great quantities, sometimes even the whole area. White ink is usually used to color, the other colour into more brighter color. Many tattoo artist before making a cover will also use light tattoo ink, white colour, so as to achieve better results. 
Many people who saw the first tattoo artist recommended pictures, all thought tattoos have always keep fresh as paint painting, the understanding is very wrong. Reason is that most of the tattoo pictures are just finish lines when shooting. Just finish lines, the color of the tattoo is the most dark. Between the epidermis and papillary layer in the outer most tattoo ink will be returned to the color, skin redness because of dozen fog, look darker. Level is not obvious. Experienced tattoo artist will be very good grasp the inky, guarantee the right tattoo depth levels after recovery. Recovery period, some tattoo color gray, you can see the edge of the road mark, these are the result of the wound callus. Tattoo is the ugliest phase during recovery, don't get paranoid panic. 
Scabby peel is very clean, epidermis layer has restored, will present a tattoo as they really are. And had just finished grain, compared to the first feeling is natural tattoo becomes shallow. Tattoo back light 30%, 30% of which is the skin redness, 10% are tattoo complete recovery after the dry state. This time most abundant tattoos level, the most natural. 
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