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The use of tattoo ink

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Saturday 01 November, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo ink is placed in a transparent layer, but the tattoo pigment is opaque, in theory, any ink, including white, however, the skin is translucent, not clear, so there will be a part of the color is expected to show a color.This part of the tattoo ink without any treatment can produce a slight yellow reaction. The color of skin slants dark the effect of the people will be more vivid. 
Professional tattoo artist, points out that it should be pay attention to, because the white tattoo ink is harder to see in the early to do tattoos colour effect, experienced tattoo artist used in great quantities, sometimes even the whole area.White ink is usually used to color, other colors will be dispatched to more brighter color.Finally, many tattoo artist before making a cover will also use light tattoo pigment, white colour, so as to achieve better results. 
Tattoo ink is unregulated, and generally tattoo artist and seldom pay attention to the added pigment - only a small part of the special pigment skin allergy tested.These include the metal oxide pigment to the synthetic dye various pigment in various fields.Often the allergic reaction to color is red and yellow.Some people allergic symptoms as the tattoo area swelling, pain, the wound is not level off, itchy skin.Some people will have more strong allergic reactions such as fever, skin ulcers, and long time of infection, etc. 
Want to avoid allergies, except for the field test, but in fact no one is using this method, but also it is not feasible.Because there is no effective way to further clarify whether the tattoo will tattoo ink.But fortunately allergic phenomenon is not common, so choose a good tattoo ink become important, use the market for a long time tested tattoo ink to relatively safe a lot.
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