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The use of special tattoo needle and matching tattoos tools

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Tuesday 06 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo our row needles more than 15 will need to use a larger needle, this kind of tattoo needles are around 20, is designed in view of the large area of the tattoo, in order to improve the efficiency, we need to cooperate to use when using a dedicated controller, we need to use professional manufacturer of tattoo tattoo needle, the stability of which ensures that tattoo needle in use, this kind of big line of tattoo needles are often take a certain radian, main purpose is the tattoo on your time can more widespread use in the use of needle area, average tattoo needle when using direct contact with skin, positive on both ends of the sharp Angle will be the first contact with the skin in the middle of the skin can hollows, curved needle is solved the problem, only curved needle when doing the edge modification need to be more tilted Angle can be modified. 
Currently out a suit of the diamond circular needle mouth, is to ensure that tattoo needle needle mouth can be more saturated absorption of pigment and can get tattoo needle work more stable with the tool, the effect of diamond needle mouth can better guide the tattoo needle, unlike the original circular needle mouth, in order to ensure that the needle is convenient and absorption preservation, needs certain space around, when the tattoo to drag and drop will form the migration, the experience in the use process is typically take good control ability. Diamond needle mouth can avoid this good. 
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