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The use of all kinds of tattoo nozzles

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Tuesday 31 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Different tattoo needles is placed in different in the tattoo nozzle, the secant needle is placed within the secant nozzle, tattoo with a needle in a fog of the mist nozzle. Behind the nozzle connection more rough handle in order to operate. Each nozzle is matching with the use of needle. Fog injection is limited to four, for example, four needle play fog tattoo the use of the nozzle. Exception is three needle diamond secant nozzle, nozzle needle is also applicable to use single needle. Remember supplier of nozzle is suitable with the handle, it is very important. So when ordering the machine, the handle, the nozzle and the needle must be purchased from the same place, so as to ensure that models of matching. At present already basic unified standard in the world. 
Secant with nozzle 
Diamond nozzle and round nozzle each has its advantages. There are two kinds of secant with nozzle, one kind is round The shape, the other is a diamond. The choice of which depends on personal preferences, the two have the nozzle Since the advantages. Let's say first round nozzle: not many pigment splash of trouble, If you met, usually by a rubber band fastening force can be adjusted.Such as when the tattoo If you want to do a very sharp corners, the needle will move around, make the line sometimes Will be very broad or very crooked. This is easily in the process of grain thorn skin was forced to stop, cause Line. In order to improve the situation, usually need to nozzle to move down, make needlepoint show shorter For the better. 
Again the tattoo artist favorite diamond nozzle. Thanks to the diamond nozzle, regardless of you Around a corner which bearing mobile coloring, needle is not moving, will also be a straight 
Straight Luo hold the same width. Use the diamond need to accurately grasp the direction of the nozzle, a slightly because needle Tilt point, it will be very firmly stuck in the diamond tip. Under the tattoo clockwise don't too deep, Can pigment splash problems, otherwise if the needlepoint severe wear will also have a splash of problems. If continue to use the tip has severe wear of needle, needle point wouldn't have tattoo pigment correctly 
Into skin. Use a rubber band to adjust, also can lower the voltage on the power table pointer. You should be How to prepare a few spare diamond nozzle, the nozzle length with personal preferences. If you want to make the nozzle Take work on skin, or tiny distance work, leave the skin all of this with you, the most important 
How do you feel is your most comfortable to work is important. 
The superiority of diamond nozzle: when the secant, diamond nozzle pare off the front part can make grain T clearly know tattoo needle and the direction of the stroke, the hour hand can firmly stuck in the nozzle of the diamond The slots, as far as possible to prevent the jitter of the needle. Another diamond nozzle more grooves adsorption of pigment, More conducive to profile thorn out long and fluent line. 
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