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The usage of the tattoo power supply

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Sunday 22 June, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Understanding the use of a tattoo power supply is essential to the process of modern tattooing. The power supply determines the speed of the needle moving through the gun and allows the tattoo artist to control the pace of inking. Learning how to connect the various parts to the supply will assist you with beginning the process. Once the parts are connected, you can experiment with speed settings and find a pace at which you are comfortable performing. This will provide you background knowledge and experience for working as an apprentice with a professional artist; do not attempt tattooing without professional training. And then i will give you some instructions to teach you know the the usage of the tattoo power supply. All the details are as follows. Firstly, you should plug the clip cord into the specified area on the face of the tattoo power supply. And then attach the clip cord to the tattoo gun by inserting one prong into the upper binding post and one into the lower binding post. Secondly,plug the foot switch into the specified area of the tattoo power supply, and place the pedal on the floor. Thirdly,set the speed of the power supply. For line work, use a slower speed; for shading, use a faster speed. Lastly,press the foot switch while dipping the gun needle into the ink, and before/during tattooing the skin.

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