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The style of the tattoo

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Thursday 23 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
1, cultural practices, it represents a person's personality and beliefs. Tattoos have world primitive tribal ethnic custom of decoration, skin. Tattoos are called tattoo before in the 18th century (before the tattoo machine and before the 18th century, tattoos are through the needle into the skin, so the tattoo tattoo), which is by the tattoo needle or tattoo machine leaving colorfast patterns in a portion of the form. Pattern are birds and beasts flowers or totem, text, etc. Reflect the aesthetic consciousness and religious ideas. 
2, tribal ethnic, tribal culture or ethnic culture for the tattoo industry has a huge impact, you can see the motorcycle race t-shirts printed with the patterns of the tribal culture. They are with the shark teeth and animal bone spurs on the bundle of sticks on the dip in ink, with a small stick tapping into the skin, design is mostly black, composed of the thickness of line. Totem is the evolved. 
3, the style of the motorcycle race: in the 1960 s, the U.S. motorcycle race is the country the most intimate relations and tattoo of a group, even beyond the sailors. Motorcycle race's tattoo style and content is very different from the traditional tattoo, are almost all black, single needle thorn, line is exquisite, and the prisoner of Chicano and usually a tattoo. Motorcycle race's tattoos and the traditional working class tattoo is different also, its theme has nothing to do with patriotism, army, obvious anti-social. 
More than 4, the Japanese style: tattoo of the Japanese, as thorn in facial ministry, about BC 300 years ago, the mythical heroes and warriors often tattooed in carp, dragon and tiger designs, these designs often around often is a rule of wave (i.e., fog), stripes and flowers (including: cherry blossom, chrysanthemum, peony), and to float and draw more style. 
5, realism: as the tattoo artists technology in recent years, more advanced tools, tattoo similar to painting on the surface of the skin. With type of painting, tattoo is more exquisite processing technique, also emerge in the approximate three-dimensional real - realism. 
6, portrait style: like tattoos are more attractive and memorable. People can through the tattoo to commemorate the deceased relatives, worship of stars, their own offspring, etc. Because of the character needed to expression characteristics to tattoo more advanced technical requirements. Need a tattoo division have a more profound language, and the ability to grasp the type. Is a relatively advanced tattoo technology level. 
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