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The stand or fall of tattoo effect associated with tattoo ink

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Wednesday 03 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoo ink pigments from the technology is suspended in a mixture of activity in the solution. Today's pigment is fundamentally a metal salt. However, there are some pigment is made from plastic or plant dyestuff. Pigment can provide tattoo with all sorts of design and color. And activity of the solution is to eliminate the purpose of the suspension, the side effects of pigment and ensure that can be mixed evenly, and make the pigment used more convenient. 
Tattoo ink selection is very important, because the tattoo is permanent, not easy to remove, must also be considered before the tattoo. It is very important and suitable pigment. One of the oldest pigment from ground minerals and carbon compounds. Used by today's tattoo pigment pigment has covered the original mineral pigment, the kinds of industrial organic pigment, a small number of plant pigments and some plastic pigment. Good recovery after the effect of color should be marked, what effect do, there are several reasons: 
A. late repair is correct, the healing of the wound also directly affect the effect of tattoo; 
B. your tattoo technology is correct; 
C. tattoo ink itself whether the chromaticity of qualified; 
D. even if the repair is very good, white skin and dark skin color do effect also have very big difference. 
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