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The relationship between frequency and hand tattoo needle

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Sunday 19 October, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
tattoo needle is proportional to the number and speed of frequency, the number, the less speed is slow, on the contrary, the faster the speed, of course, sometimes also will be subject to different needs.In addition, colour and lustre is present in addition to the pin number and speed, and penetrate into the skin depth.Recently mentioned, tattoo machine can on the softness of shrapnel and electromagnetic coil contact to make a proper adjustment, can also be a proper dilution on the pigment concentration.In this direction we can extended the needle into the skin of another important key - needle point of distribution.
Stab to complete a piece of color piece, the theoretically best phenomenon is average distribution of needle point, namely the color piece is composed of many small needle point gather large patch, when the patch is formed by bit by bit small wound, natural over skin damage degree is low, the best tattoo wound should be slightly than scratch, because the scratch is the whole piece of skin surface damage, therefore, we must think about how to achieve this effect, so we should understand the tattoo machine to Pierce the skin, the relationship between the frequency of needle and hand moving speed?
Assumptions, tattoo machine needle out ten times a second time, then Pierce the skin at the same point not moving, will be on the same point under 10, and form a larger, if the hand moves at a speed in a straight line, can form a straight line ten points, and the distance between point and point can conveniently the faster and faster, the greater the more slow, more small, until there is no distance between point and point densely connected into a straight line, this is another important key of needle into the skin.This understanding, we can know the frequency of needle and hand moving speed, need according to the demand of the graphics and change the collocation with each other, as long as know the basic principle, more can from the effect of the sting out of understanding how to adjust the correct your pace.It is also a touch touch operation habit and needle operation habit difference, tattoo machine in addition to the secant, while I was playing fog every contact with the skin, unless necessary can't pause in the same place, so there will be a constant or rotate around the move action, a lot of tattoo artist had been in the process of doubt?Before and after some tattoo beginners often ask; what action is good, or the left and right sides, or circle, if we understand the relationship between the frequency of needle and hand moving speed, can understand this problem is not absolute, this drawing should be comply with brush strokes are different, as long as you can to some average needle point, that what way is not the point, because have a tattoo artist in what way, should be a habit, also can own way transformation, see oneself under different hand type will have different effect, in short, hand type is not absolute, to choose the effect.
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