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The reason Tattoo machine does not start

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Saturday 06 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
The quality tattoo machine tattoo decide whether the work easy, tattoo machines all over the world, different styles, but the principle is similar. Performance there is a world of difference, frequency needle, needle-wave is not the same, nor the length of time a job.
Cause Solution
1, the elastic rod does not touch the contacts on the ramp shrapnel, screws loosen the elastic rod down so elastic rod rotating touch contact, then rotate the proper position, and tighten the screws to lock the elastic rod.
2, the power switch is not open, the power, turn on the power switch, indicator lights red
3. Adjust button (VOLTAGE) at zero position, while V table pointer is also zero, the adjustment button and slowly rotate clockwise, while also rotating table pointer V, V meter pointer should stop at 6-10V.
4, the elastic rod before hitting shrapnel contact ending up too tight, not starting, more likely to produce power short circuit, hit the power switch, the indicator will light green no voltage will stretch rod screws loosen up the elastic rod loose from shrapnel contact recalibrated elastic rod hit on contact, restart the power, adjust elastic rod to the appropriate location.
5, the work stop: often at work, do not care what time it is unclear pull pull the power cord, leaving the position of engagement.
Check the foot switch, power cord has no place
6, after the work is completed, when the cleaning and disinfection of the tattoo machine, the line on the machine to pull off the (dislocation), thread inspection tattoo machine has no dislocation (broken), looking for electricians to wire bonding on
7. Turn on the power light is green on the jump, check Plugs and foot switch on the power supply line, there is no cut off, cut off may touch line (short break), cut off the head, use a soldering iron, to OK!
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