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The process of assembling the tattoo machine

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Wednesday 23 April, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

First, connect pipe head connected to the needles, insert the handle grip tube, after at this time with a magnifying glass to look at the needle, the needle below click to enlarge Needles are slightly curved, if there is the phenomenon, please use very fine sandpaper along the needle to pull a few times, to solve this phenomenon. Then Needle inserted needle connecting pipe, with tip pipe head is flat.This is the first step of assembing the tattoo machine.

Second, handles pipe micro cover head connected with the needle tube joint. Connect the good parts with tattoo machine body, will take damping ring needle tail through the clamp with the small round convex column under the electronic contact phase, to slowly and gently press into the light Gently move the handle grip tube to tip and the pipe head is flat.

Step of third, this is the power of tattoo machine to cancel with a tattoo machine is combined with the power supply, copper, white connectors, copper copper stigma Up and down here for your reference, white copper stigma hole relatively small holes through them. Another first insert the power supply, can, according to the directions on the power supply into the feet Foot switch according to the supply with power supply is connected.
All these operations are conducted in the case of without electricity.

Four, debugging to needle out length is about general in 3 mm distance, voltage at around 7-9 volt, frequency of 10 Times per second. Also can be used more than 9 v voltage, such as long time to use the tattoo machine will soon be fever, will be subject to not hot. Such as machine Overheating will stay after cooling is in use, it is best to more than one tattoo homework, when motor speed can be greatly improved, so that will be reduced
Less pain.

Five, with stamped on the pedal switch, debug the length of the needle stimulation. If the machine does not start, please adjust knob adjustment. Tuned machine Walk freely on the tissue paper, paper will tighten, tattoo function with a very uniform holes.

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