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The principle of tattoos, and into the depth of the tattoo ink

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Friday 20 March, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
The principle of tattoos: 
In simple terms, is not easy to dissolve the tattoo ink into the skin, form a permanent or long-lasting color. This is also the purpose of the tattoo. It is related to two issues: both tattoo ink and two different effect. 
Tattoo ink: the type of cent two kinds of organic and inorganic ink ink. 
Organic tattoo ink: soluble in water, no precipitation, particularly thin, there is a slight sheen. Mainly comes from the purification of minerals. 
Features: easy to change color, dark prone, complementarity-mutual exclusiveness, easy to produce allergic reaction. For the human body tattoo thorn. 
Inorganic tattoo ink: not in the water, precipitation, color pure, matt. Mainly comes from the purification plant. 
Features: not easy to change color, color fast, after absorbing the natural color, not easy rejection is the best choice for the human body tattoo. 
As for the effect of two different, depends on the depth of the tattoo. 
The depth of the tattoos: 
Strictly speaking, the best tattoo depth should be at the top of the lower end of the epidermis and dermis layer. Because in this layer is rich in protein and a small amount of blood vessels. When tattoo ink into this layer, tattoo ink particles will be surrounded by a protein form protein particles, which cannot be taken away by phagocytes, real line into permanent staining, we in the daily operation of tattoo often encountered two problems, decoloring and bleeding. The key to the two problems is due to the depth of the tattoo do not have in place. 
Make the depth of the fog 
Fog of depth according to the change of the pattern color, such as totem pure black block is heaviest in all colors, like some light fog, the virtual part is the most weak, so they stab into the depth is different also. Because the needle is too deep will lead to demitint scar, is not easy to get color shallow, so into the depth of the needle should be in the upper layer of the dermis, as between epidermal basal layer and sediment layer is most appropriate. 
Decolorization: this problem is the most main tattoo too shallow. Not up to par depth, only put tattoo ink into the skin layers. We all know that skin is one of the most obvious place is natural metabolism. So the cycle is usually for 28 days. When the tattoo ink into the skin only, as the epidermal cell falls off and fall off. So many beginners, especially using the eyebrow tattoo machine. Often unable to grasp the depth of the uniform will cause the grain thorn effects after local or large area decoloring. 
Bleeding: this is a problem with the first question on the contrary, the tattoo ink into the dermis. As we all know in the dermis is rich in blood vessels and lymphatic plexus. We put the blood and lymph collectively known as the body fluids. When the tattoo ink into the dermis, ink will flow with the fluid flow. So will lead to the phenomenon of pigment ooze color, shadow color. Once the phenomenon happens, it is difficult to remedy. Especially pay special attention to when tattoo. 
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