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The moral of the tattoo culture

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Friday 24 April, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoos are scattered around the world, have different tattoo culture: 
Tattoo in Thailand: Thailand tattoo design is given priority to, mainly of Buddha and buddhist sutras is mana. You ask Thai people what is the meaning of the tattoo, he'll shoot at you - home to protect peaceful, and the Thai people believe that tattoo can hasten lucky avoids disaster, and can give a person with energy, especially the sexual energy. 
Samoan tattoos: the art of the brave, they believe that "the wreath will be broken, the bark can be split, only a tattoo can be a lifetime." They think tattoo is a symbol of beauty and strength, a tattoo is a challenge, only a strong-willed man can bear the bitter, they have the old tattoo method and the purgatory of the healing process, 
Japanese tattoo is the representative of Oriental tattoo art to design sophisticated, abstract, line is complex, the early design is given priority to with totem, the traditional tattoo designs, mainly warrior, however, such as float world draw the characters in the image. And modern Japanese tattoo, absorbs the advantages of western tattoo art, also pay attention to the design of color, on this basis, and create a tattoo coloured drawing or pattern, tattoo stickers, crystal tattoos, and many other tattoo method, especially the Chinese character, traditional Chinese and Oriental dragon patterns become the representative of the tattoo art. 
The tattoos: Arabia tattoo is given priority to with women, it has to do with tattoo is the biggest difference between the European and American countries, European and American countries of tattoo , such as China, need to Pierce the skin with a tattoo machine, once implanted hard to erase, the Arab world tattoo is to use a special pen to spend in the body, if you want to change, can be changed. 
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