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The main structure of the tattoo machine

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Wednesday 10 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
There are five main section tattoo machine, including the body, handle, shrapnel, coils and accessories,
Several machines of different materials, it gives you to ensure the best performance and the overall appearance, the machine will carry out the deployment --- speed, strength and size of the bounce space according to customer requirements.
Tattoo handle 304 steel production, six claw self-locking handle without surface polished surface normal size handles were polished.
Shrapnel is an important part of the tattoo machine, its hardness and softness, it will directly affect the electrical
Pressing needs, we chose the Italian and American shrapnel, Canada had just polished spring steel and spring steel blue, both classified as high-carbon Gang, have a high resistance to fatigue effect.
Damaged parts will directly affect the normal operation of your work, so we offer some accessories, hoping to help you.
Coil tattoo machine is a major component, the electromagnet coil generates a magnetic field through the power when the machine is running, the magnetic force generated by the coil will pull Xuantie, Xuantie and core separation upward, then open magnet will stick to expand so bouncing space control in 45% of the needle fully extend the needle tip, the magnetic needle stick result is better to make the pigment tie we want depth.
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