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The influence of tattoo needle sharp degree of tattoos

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Wednesday 11 February, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
Tattoos, in addition to tattoo artist technology is the key operation, the pros and cons of tattoo equipment is also very important, a lot of people think tattoo needle sharpness seems doesn't matter what, a tattoo is to use needle sharp degree to damage the skin, make penetrates the skin pigment, tattoo needle is actually need to explore.    
Tattoo needle sharp degree will influence the presentation, color piece with same size color piece, the tip of the needle, needle point is smaller, the pigment less per point of infiltration, accumulation of color piece simple sense is weak, with very slight strength can penetrate into the skin or scratch the skin, so in the process of thorn of light fog control must be very careful, when its use is not good, easy to control, depth will Pierce too deep in some places, some places will Pierce too shallow, present a mottled or oblique. , on the other hand, the relatively blunt tattoo needle point is larger, pigment infiltration, accumulation of color piece texture will be heavier, but must have a certain degree of strength to blunt needle pierced, not easily scratch the skin, but have needle points in play when the fog is too large, the control is bad will have the same punctate uneven phenomenon. 
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