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The important role of tattoo needle

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Tuesday 30 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy

Tattoo needle is one of the most important parts of the tattoo machine. The needle behind the tattoo is only between you and the customer contact point. Tattoo needle is actually to Pierce through the skin, for this reason it is very perfect, no defects, sharp, straight, in a very good working condition. The needle being welding is called needle bar rod. There are two needle bar: secant and fog. Secant of the needle bar at the end of the needle be welding is round, a fog of needle bar at the end of the needle be welding is flat. Needle itself is an exact science. The process is essentially as a whole the needles welded together, and then to the whole welding to the needle bar. Three needle is three needle welded together, when at the end of the tattoo, they will draw the whole tattoo images. It cut out of the money is a bit thick, cut out the line of five needle group more thick. All these needle group is welded to the secant of the needle bar, and easy to tattoo outline. When the type of tattoo needle increases, the tattoo of inductive line also enlargement, small tattoo using single needle, medium tattoo using three stitches, number five is the use of older tattoo needle, like the back of the tattoo is more larger with seven stitches. When the tattoo area increase, it also according to the outline of share increase. In the tattoo process, how to choose to use a tattoo needles, and judge according to the images of the tattoo. The above the same applies to fog color injection. These needle group is flat welding on the coloring of fog using needle bar. Just get another one needle, on a flat line. In contrast to the secant needle, secant needle is welded into - a return to form groups, while fog injection welding cost row. Is the most common type of play fog color 4 and 6 row row needle, and there's a double crisp thin fritter twist needle, needle is generally 5 fork, 7, 9 fork fork needle even larger.

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