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The importance of tattoo ink

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Wednesday 24 December, 2014 Written by tattoodiy
There are often guests ask tattoo ink, and showed a lot of curiosity. of course, everyone is more focus on the general composition of the tattoo ink and tattoo ink have side effect to the skin, have the series of problems such as damage to the human body. In fact, it is not just used by tattoo tattoo ink pigments, the color and the color is made of some pigment mixed with active solution, it is generally believed tattoo ink is made of can dyeing plant, but it is not. Nowadays, the variety of tattoo ink pigment has covered the original mineral pigment, modern industrial organic pigment, a small number of plant pigments and some plastic pigment. These pigments can produce all kinds of tattoo. Active solution is a very important role to kill except those insoluble pigments toxin, and can make its more evenly mixed in. At the same time it can also make it is more convenient to apply is available. 
The choice of tattoo ink is very important, because the tattoo is permanent, not easy to remove, must also be considered before the tattoo. It is very important and suitable pigment. If scar constitution is not recommended for tattoos, if it is a good tattoo machine and pigment can't guarantee the effect of grain out whether can satisfied, and scar constitution once is not easy to heal damaged skin, easy to cause or skin scar hyperplasia. 
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