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The four points for attention of tattoo ink

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Wednesday 21 January, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
The practice of painted totem 
Need the black colour and lustre, method is covered in a thorn tattoo ink into the deepest (repeat), not on the skin has been ground to the skin damage is too severe to ashes of. After know this basic principle, oneself can the principle of balance depth experience, use the colour and lustre of the you want to express. 
The use of painted white with black ink 
Usually in a black lines after, finally on the strengthening of glitter. For fear of the sting out white black can influence to white again. But if white deep enough. Enough thick, then black, then it has no effect. If stabbed the white also need black or another dark color, suggest besmear more vaseline, can isolate color influence each other. 
U about to play the fog 
Fog is not always to dilute, the latent fog place best dilution  dilution degree according to your chart to decide, black and other colors make little difference between the fog, if where do solid color when you can play some black, pay attention to color gradient is good  if you feel is not very skilled, can dive deep, repeat a it these are my personal view, if can be useful for your reference, not the place that's pardon.  
U about vaseline and color toner tattoo ink 
Vaseline main purpose is in the process of profile thorn can make pigment gathered themselves together, and the color will be sufficient, and reduce the destructive helps to reduce skin friction force, is not in use in tattoo ink. Mixed with tattoo ink inside is a name - tattoo ink color toner this product used in color ink, the ink is bright luster, and in the process of tattoo ink is not easy to hardening. Itself has some ink to add, does not have to add, unless you use the ink is easy to solidification of tattoo ink (black) and no dilution allocate, depending on their use of habits, are generally not tuned into three kinds of thickness, in a foreign country I've ever seen tuned into also has dozens of thickness, but I personally recommend three kinds of thickness should be enough, color light shoulds not be diluted with, is to be diluted with white. 
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