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The difficulties in the tattoo needle use

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Wednesday 06 May, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
In the process of tattoo, there are many reasons why tattoo needle hook flesh, can lead to tattoo hook flesh color and so on, not how to prevent meat and tattoo the tattoo color these difficulties, first check whether to use a regular tattoo needle and the pigment, the second out of the needle is too long, generally professional tattoo artist needle is around 1.5-2mm, but 3mm there is a needle. 
Tattoo is not color, there are two reasons, first is the shallow tattoo needle, the second was the speed of the tattoo needles and hand moving too fast. 
Please check the strength of the machine, the machine is weaker in acupuncture on the skin can't pierced, moved with the hand Move the needle in the trace on the skin, but tattoo ink hasn'tpenetrate into the skin, as is wiped, tattoo ink all the water cleaned off, leaving only traces of red! This kind of situation, please carefully check the machine, a secant time figure, suggest using the secant line 3 or round 5, needle into 3 mm or so, the secant note needle mouth don't walk on the skin, go hang needle, usually can solve this problem. Machine can't do it 
color, and the quality of the machine you buy is a certain reason. 
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