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The correct order of tattoo ink and cover the old tattoo

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Wednesday 10 June, 2015 Written by tattoodiy
When injection tattoo ink, must follow a certain order to achieve the best effect. If not, can appear cloudy effect, make the tattoo hair dirty, will destroy the tattoo designs the overall harmony. 
Basic order is very simple, must from deep to shallow tattoo ink. This is why shadows to doing after drawing the outline first. All of the black line and shadow is the deepest color, should be the first to use. After black color sequence is as follows: (1) the dark purple; (2) blue; (3) green; (4) purple; (5) brown; (6) red, (7) orange; (8) yellow; (9) white. 
"Shield law" is the place where the existing tattoos again a distinctive body tattoo, this is a technical term. The old cheap tattoo will hide in the new tattoo. Modify the old tattoo often appear such a thing, because some guests first pattern already don't want to, want an update to a better to replace it. The failure of the old tattoo is usually composed of more bad of the tattoo artist do some technology, lack of knowledge of tattoo will eventually be who has this tattoo is regarded as an eyesore, replaced by a new tattoo. A good know hidden method of tattoo artist, can change the whole appearance of the tattoo. Shield method is an art in itself, it should be carefully studied. 
The key to do a good cover works, is take time to choose the right pattern. Good cover design must be perfect in many ways. It is bigger than the old tattoo, want to have a fairly large black areas, like so many gray tone, to make the old tattoo can completely be overwritten. 
And, a new design to meet the condition is that the first customer to the satisfaction of the design and accepted, to be able to satisfy the customer's some kind of interest; To be very well, make the person's eye covered place away from the original. In the end, the tattoo artist with rich imagination to create a new pattern, smart enough to cover the old pattern, make it a customer unique tattoo. It is well worth the activities, especially in the learning phase, often look at past successful modify the merits of tattoo, strive to improve their own design capability, it is very helpful to improve the level of tattoos. 
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